Date Ideas, Improv, and Candy

Time for a mid-week update with some ideas for some fun stuff to do. For starters, the the main Date Guide page has been updated to include general date ideas.

Tomorrow, July 9, OKC Improv will bring a free show at The Boom! with two of the city’s best troupes, The MiDolls and Villain: The Musical. The MiDolls will be performing a Goddess-themes long-form set followed by the nefarious improv stylings of Villain: The Musical in which five skilled improvisers create a 45-minute musical right in front of your eyes where the villain is the hero. The show starts at 8 pm. The Boom is located at 2218 NW 39th St in Oklahoma City. If you need more details, hit up the Facebook event page.

The show from the improv troupe, The Ones Your Mother Warned You About, from June 26, 2010 Show at OKC Improv has been published, so watch the 32 minute show here. Great comedy to keep you busy until the next show.

This Saturday, July 10, is the Candy Basket’s 21st Birthday and they’re having a party with 21% off everything in the store. We featured this Norman candy shop in our fourth episode, so I highly recommend you visit them Saturday. Also Saturday night OKC Improv has two shows at Ghostlight Theatre Club featuring some troupes from out of state.

I will see you guys at The Boom! for the free show tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the shout out! Hope y’all show up for some champagne and birthday cake!

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