Throughout November and December, I’m writing a series of gift guides from local businesses. The first comes from Route 66 (5000 N Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City just inside 50 Penn Place Mall). Shop owner, Jeanette Koenig, shared her favorite gift ideas with me. Bonus Tip: Route 66 also does amazing gift wrapping for you.

Oklahoma License Plate Photo Album $25

These photo albums recycle old Oklahoma license plates (the older metal style plates, not the cheap plastic ones we have now). A fun and creative way to share memories, crazy adventures, and your favorite cat pictures.

Graffiti Bridge Jewelry $30 – $50

Local artist, Randy Powers, has been making art from the bridge’s rubble since it came down. Jeanette has been carrying Powers’ hand-crafted jewelry since 1991. NewsOK did this in-depth story on the “colorful” history of the bridge. (Word play!)

On The Rocks $20 – $38

Keep drinks cold without having to worry about the melting ice change the drink. Take that ice! You’re so last year.

Jewelry by Becky Bayleff $40 – $400

High-end designer jewelry by Oklahoman artist, Becky Bayleff, for someone really special.

Designs with Light $45

These hand-made night lights were crafted with care by Lella Luz in her Seattle studio. Go Seattle! These lights sure to brighten someone’s night. 😉 Lights come with a design card and a beautiful box. Jeanette’s even convinced people that were on the edge about buying these just by showing off the box.

Raku Rattles $24 – $26

Shake away the negativity in life and shake in the positive with these Raku Rattles. Just be cautious as to who receives these rattles.

The Johnny Appie Feeder $24

Made in Oklahoma, you can feed a wide variety of fruit-eating birds with this easy to use feeder. just spiral the fruit onto the “corkscrew” using slight pressure, then slice off part of the feel to allow birds access to the pulp. Many birds feed heavily during nesting months are apples are their favorite. Orioles love oranges. During winter months, Cardinals love to feed on pomegranates cut in life. Even hard dinner rolls can be used to feed other birds.

Vinyl Clock $34

Tick-tock! The rock is rocking around the clock? Yeah, let’s go with that one.

Note: All prices and item availability are subject to change. Visit Route 66 yourself for these and many other great gifts.

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