Ludivine on UrbanspoonLudivine is a farm-to-table, open kitchen restaurant in Oklahoma City’s Midtown district. Offering a daily changing menu that is guided by what is available from local farms and ranches in a modern environment, Ludivine features food not seen at common restaurants. They are ideal for nice dates and showing out-of-towners Oklahoma isn’t all fried food and gravy.

In Uncovering Oklahoma’s video interview, Co-Owner / Chef, Russ Johnson, shares five facts about Ludivine. Russ has been cooking most of his life, starting professionally at age 16. While he grew up in Oklahoma City and has moved around, Russ came back starting out doing private chef work. He later met up with Jonathon Stranger, working him on One Table, a reservation only place with only one table. They had wanted to flesh out One Table as more of an full restaurant, which became Ludivine.

Watch the video and be sure to visit Ludivine for delicious food and tasty drinks.

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