OMG! Fusion Restaurant


The Sampler Platter

The Sampler Platter

OMG! Fusion Restaurant on UrbanspoonI have a tradition to experience something new for my Birthday and coming to OMG! Fusion Restaurant (2142 W. I-240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City) was an excellent choice. The food was delicious and the service was cheerful. While this South OKC restaurant bills itself as a fusion between Asian and American cuisine, there was more mash-ups options like Greek and Mexican available.

The Monster BurgerThe Monster Burger: Hamburger with Korean beef, cheese, onions, fried egg, and BBQ sauce served with fries.

2014-04-16 OMG-07Pad Thai with thinly sliced tofu.

Menu item prices were in the $10 average range. For a fun fusion of food, taste OMG! Fusion Restaurant.

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