An Inspector Calls at Lyric Theatre Q&A

Helen Hedman as Sybil Birling and Jonathan Beck Reed as Inspector Goole - Photo by KO Rinearson
In a “Downton Abbey” meets “Sherlock” thriller, Lyric Theatre’s production of An Inspector Calls follows the story of inspector investigating the mysterious death of a young girl. In this Performing Arts Q&A session, I speak with the director, Michael Baron, about the play.

What five words would you use to describe An Inspector Calls?
Suspenseful, intriguing, thought-provoking, unexpected, fast-paced

Now, using more than five words, what’s it about?
AN INSPECTOR CALLS is about a wealthly British family, similar to the one in Downton Abbey, who are celebrating the engagement of their daughter only to be interrupted by a visit from a mysterious Inspector who reveals a local girl has killed herself. The play unravels, just as the family does, as the Inspector gets ever closer to the circumstances around the girls death and how the family may be responsible.

What’s unique about your production of An Inspector Calls?
“Elements of classic film-noir make the production much more dramatic, thrilling, and cinematic.”The play was written to take place just in the wealthy family’s dining room. The production explodes that notion to reveal the rain-filled landscape their fortune was built upon. Elements of classic film-noir make the production much more dramatic, thrilling, and cinematic.

What was the biggest challenge with this production?
Inspiring the actors to inhabit the fascinating world of 1912 Britain while making the story relevant to today’s audiences. And creating a set that allows for real falling rain on stage.

Jonathan Beck Reed as Inspector Goole - Photo by KO Rinearson
What scenes or moments do you and the actors enjoy?
I think each actor loves facing off with the Inspector as they are asked questions and twists and revelations made after the Inspector leaves are quite exciting to unfold.

Why should one see it?
It has everything which makes seeing live theatre an exciting night out- visually it’s amazing, the plot full of secrets, and the performances by actor from Oklahoma and Washington, DC are some of the best you’ll see anywhere.

Why would anyone not want to see it?
I can’t think of a reason. It really appeals to every kind of audience.

Anything else you want people to know?
The show is a thrilling 90-minutes long and I promise they’ll talk about it long after it’s over. And I would just request from anyone that does see it to tell their friends…but don’t reveal the ending!

Opens: Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Through: Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
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