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Back in November, I was invited to join the first test pilot run for the Foodie Foot Tours in Oklahoma City. The concept of the event is a walking history tour combined with visits to various local restaurants to sample their menus. Being a foodie myself, I jumped at the opportunity and I’m glad I did. The tour I went on took place in the Deep Deuce District. Deep Deuce was an ideal location for the tour because everything is hidden from the main roads, and it is a great way for people to learn about all the amazing restaurants tucked in-between the combination of new housing and historical buildings.

The Perfect Margherita pizza at The Wedge at Deep Deuce-02
The tour started with the group meeting at the pizzeria, The Wedge. Everyone introduced themselves and we sampled a variety of the most popular pizzas.

Doc Haywood Dagwood sampler at Deep Deuce Grill
Next came the American pub restaurant, Deep Deuce Grill. As we walked over to the pub, our hostess and guide, Ashely Stevenson, discussed the history of the district, pointed out the original buildings, shared stories and interesting facts.

Catfish and Grits at Urban Roots
After another stroll though history and the neighborhood, the tour ended with a visit to the soulful southern restaurant, Urban Roots.

All the places were a comfortable walking distance to each other, and the delicious food was perfectly complemented by the cheerful group of people and our guide. I highly recommend these tours for both culinary lovers and history buffs alike, and be sure to bring your friends and appetites (there was more than enough food for everyone).

Booking for future tours has already started. For more information or to join a tour, visit

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