Tulsa ArtCar Weekend 2015
Transform any type of vehicle– car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle–into a personalized creation of art and you’ll get the Tulsa ArtCar Weekend, May 14-16, 2015 in Tulsa.

The degree of transformation is a personal choice made up from the imagination, skills and resources of the ArtCar artist. Some artists alter their creation with materials of a temporary nature. Others treat their ArtCar as a canvas and visually alter their creation with paint or change the original structure of the car body to create a moving sculpture.

Want to be an ArtCar Artist? Anyone can, including welders or mechanics. Cutting torch or krazy glue, there are no rules to how you make an ArtCar. Many artists have committed to participate, with ArtCars coming from many parts of the United States to join Tulsa area ArtCar and ArtBike artists.

Art Box Car Workshops

In conjunction with Tulsa ArtCar Weekend, Living Arts will present two Art Box Car Workshops, followed by a parade and awards at the Blue Dome Arts Festival on SDaturday, May 6th. Both workshops are FREE and open to the public. All supplies and materials will be provided. The first will be at the Philbrook Musuem of Art during Second Saturday, May 9th, 10am-4pm. The next workshop will be the next day, Sunday, May 10th, 12pm-4pm. The sky’s the limit with your creativity and ideas for your ride!

Volunteers are needed and always appreciated. If you would like to volunteer, for these workshops, or any other ArtCar event, please contact Living Arts at 918-585-1234.

Oojah. Living Arts' very own ArtCar!

Schedule of Events

* Thursday, May 14th
^6pm-9pm, ArtCar Weekend will kick off with an opening reception at
Living Arts (307 E. M.B. Brady St). Everyone is invited to meet the artists as
they roll into town.

*Friday, May 15th
^ 9:00am-1:45pm, the ArtCar will go on a tour of ocal schools and hospitals.

^ (5-7pm) will be the ArtCar Parade & Exhibit in Kendall/Whittier District (2420 E. Admiral Blvd)

^ 7pm-10pm, the ArtCars will be at the Admiral Twin Drive-in (7355 E. Easton St)

*Saturday, May 16th
^12pm- 6pm will be the Blue Dome Festival ArtCar Exhibit Between 3rd & 2nd on Elgin.

^ 3pm, the ArtBoxCar Parade will start at Dilly Deli.

^ 9pm to11pm will be the ArtCar Ball (532 N 72nd W. Ave) $10, $8 Members

Art Cars. Provided photo

For more information, visit www.livingarts.org

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