A drink from Loot and XP - photo by Dennis Spielman
If you’re planning on having more fun in the new year, my friends and I recently visited the new gaming cafe, Loot&XP, in Norman (2228 W Main St). It’s part cafe, part retail, part tabletop gaming hub, and all fun. For $5 a person, you get an all-day pass to play any of their games from their massive library, which includes card games, board games, and even roleplaying games. In addition, they also host special game nights, like for example, they did a Star Wars Trivia Night.

Playing a game at Loot and XP - photo by Dennis Spielman
One game we played was Crappy Birthday, where the goal is to give crappy birthday gifts to a person and they judge what they feel is the crappiest gift. Depending on perspectives, some of the gifts are actually cool. It’s a fun, quick game to play to see what people would and wouldn’t like.

The staff was friendly and helpful in recommending games to play. They visited tables to see how everyone was doing and one time gathered orders for pizza.

Inside Loot and XP - photo by Dennis Spielman
As a new business, the staff told us they are still working on decorating and expanding their cafe options. Still, they are worth visiting right now for the sheer selection of games. On the subject of their name, they have membership passes to earn “XP” and gain “loot” if you end up becoming a regular. It’s another great indoor activity to do and worth adding to my Norman Date Guide.

Have fun in the new year!

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