Concrete Soul – The Looper Sessions Part 1

For all the introverts and extroverts alike, who face internal battles that may keep parts or all of them in the shadows, I’m proud to premiere the four-video performance series, “As You Are: The Looper Sessions” with Jarvix.

This four-video solo performance series features three new original songs and one alternate version of a selection from Jarvix’s last year’s Hugh Manatee album with each video shot entirely in single takes with filmmaker Jake Kelley. “As You Are: The Looper Sessions” is about vulnerability and privacy, hope and hesitancy, and light and dark. In making these songs, Jarvix used a looping pedal and so overdubs stacked in real time and captured a spontaneous balance of human imperfection and inspiration that comes with raw performance. Building upon the overdubs and the themes of the lyrics, he explores the isolation of safety and the nervous excitement of new ventures.

From Jarvix on Concrete Soul:
[pullquote-right]”I’ve built this music structure similarly to how I’ve built this “concrete soul” I refer to, and it starts to crumble when I hit that “yet…” in the lyrics, which doubts the solitudinous way I’ve built my life up to this point.”[/pullquote-right]”Concrete Soul” is the first song I wrote specifically for the looping pedal, and it is probably the most honest song I’ve written to date. I tend to hide my feelings and experiences behind metaphors, which I think makes the songs more universal. At the same time, though, this distances me from the listener.

Jake Kelley, who filmed these with me, did something special with that. This video is a static, uninterrupted shot from a distance, in the shadows. He conveyed the song beautifully, showing both the comfort and isolation of its perspective (the other videos play with these themes, too, with the third one actually being a sort of direct response to this one).

This song is also the most stripped of the series, with only the ukulele and voice at work, but to me it’s also the fullest and most conceptual. At the halfway point, you’ll hear the music start playing backwards. That’s one of the few features my pedal has, and I use it here to signal a sort of unraveling. I’ve built this music structure similarly to how I’ve built this “concrete soul” I refer to, and it starts to crumble when I hit that “yet…” in the lyrics, which doubts the solitudinous way I’ve built my life up to this point.

The lyrics are written into the closed captions, so turn that feature on for them.

The Venue will present Jarvix and Beau’s Double Release Show, an 8-act bill celebrating two new releases from local musicians Jarvix and Beau Mansfield. The event will take place on Friday, Sept. 30 beginning 7 pm at the newly-branded event space in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. The Venue, located at 1757 NW 16th St., is the latest venture from the owners of District House and The Parish and will coexist in the same space as The Parish.

Jarvix and Beau Mansfield will headline Friday’s concert with support from singer-songwriters Gabriel Knight Hancock and Brad Fielder. Between music sets, variety acts will include magician John Shack, poet Robert Spencer, and didgeridoo player McClane Daniels. The event will be hosted by comedian Matt Raney. Admission is $8.

Part 2, Wolfhaven, will debut tomorrow!

Watch Part 2, Wolfhaven.

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