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Indie rock band, St. Basic, speaks with me in this Norman Music Festival performer question and answer session. St. Basic will perform at the Red Brick Bar on Thursday, April 27, 2017, at 9:30 pm. Since this is the festival’s tenth year, here are ten questions to get to know them as answered by Kat Lock (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Sam Wegrzynski (Lead Guitar), Jack Martin (Drums), and Matt Swann (Bass).

1. To get people to know you, how would you describe yourself and your music?
Sam: I would describe myself as a wild and sad boy with a heart of gold and I think the music I write reflects that.
Jack: Casual fun with surprisingly good music.

2. What song would you like a person who hasn’t heard your music listen to first?
Sam: our upcoming single, “I Like You, But.”
Matt: Probably “I Like You, But.” I think it sums up pretty well the tone we are going for.
Kat: Dead Deer. It’s cute and creepy.
Jack: Dead Deer.

3. What’s your song writing process?
Matt: Doodle and improvise during shows and if nobody throws anything at me, I stick with it.
Kat: I’m fairly new to guitar still, so I usually come up with lyrics first, then figure out a chord progression or riff…and then I take it to the guys and they make it sound like it does in my head.

4. What are your thoughts on the Norman Music Festival?
Matt: I love it. It’s been one of the few chances as a kid to see live real bands play live music. Since I was a little kid playing guitar in my friends garage, I’ve dreamed of a chance to play NMF. I am so excited.
Kat: I have always loved NMF and last year I was hanging out there and said “that’s it! I want to start a band.” And then the next day, Sam texted me. I’m so pumped to play there our first year as a band.

5. In general, what inspires you?
Sam: A lot of old movies and other things in pop culture.
Kat: I think it’s super cool when people can relate to my lyrics! I’ve sent songs to friends and they say they relate, even though what they’re dealing with is something totally different from what I’m writing about. It’s so cool to find common ground with people that might surprise you.
Matt: It’s all about giving back. If I can inspire someone to chase their dreams, then that’s just one more reason to get up and keep doing what I’m doing.

6. You’ve just been offered an all expenses paid trip. Where would you go?
Sam: Colorado!
Kat: I always want to go to New York. I’m a big city girl at heart.
Matt: NYC or somewhere in Germany!

7. Any plans while you’re in the Norman area?
Matt: Pay my rent and pass my finals!
Kat: Well, I live there, so I’ll probably grab some Canes before or something.

8. Anything else you want the public to know about you?
Matt: Sam has a third nipple.
Kat: We’re really good. Oh, and we are about to release an EP!

9. What do you think should be the Ninth Wonder of the World?
Sam: The Center of the Universe in Tulsa
Matt: The Devon tower.
Jack: Dave Grohl.

10. What was the most extreme adventure you’ve had?
Kat: One time I met George Lopez
Sam: Answering this questionnaire. Or when I was a part of my previous band, we did a small tour in Shreveport and it was a rad time.

The tenth Norman Music Festival is on April 27, 28, and 29, 2017. Read more interviews from performers in the festival, present and past, here.

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