Vlog on Sutton Wilderness, Remington Park, and the Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit

Hello, everyone!

I’m going to add something new to Uncovering Oklahoma: Personal Vlogs. These videos are more of a personal take on Uncovering Oklahoma hence I’m hosting them on my personal YouTube channel because I’ll do out-of-state vlogs too. These videos will focus more on my own experience and perspective of my travels. I will also use these to talk about events that are over with so if you missed an event, you’ll hear my thoughts on it. Depending on what I’m doing, I may include interviews.

In this vlog, I talk about hiking at Sutton Wilderness in Norman, my behind the scenes tour of Remington Park, and the Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit.

Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to my personal YouTube Channel and my personal site for the vlog updates. If the video is Oklahoma based, I’ll cross-post the video here.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dennis Spielman

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