Ebon Moon by Dennis McDonald

Dennis McDonald photo by Dennis Spielman

In last week’s Tuesday Treat, I featured a spooky book for younger readers and now this week I have an interview with Dennis McDonald for his adult horror novel, Ebon Moon.

Use 10 words to describe Ebon Moon.
Ebon Moon is a tense, bestial tale of werewolf horror.

Now with more words, what is Ebon Moon about?
Jessica Lobato with, her five-year-old daughter Megan, flees her psychopathic husband and hide in a small Oklahoma town. She rents a trailer home out in the country and thinks she’s safe at last. Unbeknownst to Jessica there is a secret pack of werewolves hiding in the town and they target her daughter Megan to be devoured during a full eclipse of the moon in five days.

What got you interested in writing stories?
I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen years old and carried around pieces of stories in school on notebook paper.

What inspired Ebon Moon?
My purpose in writing Ebon Moon is to show the reader that werewolves are frightening monsters of horror, just as they were when I was growing up.

Why does the book take place in Hope Springs?
My mother was born and raised in Perry, Oklahoma and my father was from Morrison. I wanted to create a fictional town in that area of the state.

What would you do if a pack of werewolves targeted you to be eaten during the upcoming full eclipse of the moon?
Leave town. If that wasn’t possible, I would bar myself in a structure I could defend and make silver bullets or Molotov cocktails.

Any warnings for people before they read Ebon Moon?
Ebon Moon is intense. Don’t read it on a full moon night in a trailer house by yourself.

Anything else you want to say or let people know?
Oklahoma can be a scary place. Check out Ebon Moon and find out for yourself.

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