Monday Music Discovery for November 5, 2018

In the Monday Music Discovery playlist, I feature a mixtape of both new music video videos and singles of all genres of music by local bands in Oklahoma. In this Monday Music Discovery, I have new music by Cavern Company, Yung Timtation, and HEARTBREAKHOTEL. If you’re interested in having your music video or new single highlighted, connect here.

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Enough? by Cavern Company
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Artist Statement: “Enough?” quickly opens up to the sounds which we are well known for: wide, warm guitars and a punchy, pocket rhythm section. However, this song pushes the envelope a step further in showcasing vocal range, lyrical depth, and an anthemic hook in the chorus. Lyrically, Enough?” gives listeners a look inside our battle with anxious feelings towards the future as we deal with the main question posed in the song, “Am I asking way too much to find if this will be enough?” We love writing music. We love pursuing it as a career. We also understand that it might not work and the whole enterprise may fall flat on its face. As writers, artists, and people, that’s where we’re standing right now. That’s why the song doesn’t offer any firm resolution or answers, and we make no apologies for that. This isn’t the song for answers, but it is the song for encouragement. So to our fans and listeners and anyone reading this interview, we hope that in the middle of your questioning whether to keep creating art and whether the pursuit will be worth it in the end, know that we’re in the trenches with you. Keep on breathing for now, and focus on today, for tomorrow has enough trouble if its own.

Old Ways by Yung Timtation
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Artist Statement: The song is about saving a girl from her old ways even when everyone tells you not to.

Artist Statement: This is one of the many songs where not only do I express my feelings through my voice, but the beat too, this song is only one of the many genres I produce.

If you’re interested in having your music video or new single featured in the Monday Music Discovery series, connect here.

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