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Food Trucks on Film Row. Photo by Dennis Spielman

Oklahoma is becoming a place where people are no longer asking, “What is there to do?” and are now asking, “What shall we do?” To help decide what to do, Uncovering Oklahoma’s curated calendar of events features the best of the best unique events happening throughout Oklahoma. Whenever you’re looking for something interesting to do on the weekend or your day off, come here and find out what’s happening. Be sure to follow on Facebook or Twitter as events will often be shared there too!

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Oklahoma City Pride Festival @ 39th District OKC
Jun 23 – Jun 25 all-day

The 2017 Oklahoma City Pride Festival will be June 23-25 in the 39th District at 39th and Pennsylvania Avenue. Consisting of a free outdoor concert and Block Party on Friday, June 23, Arts Festival June 24-25, and closes with the OKC Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25.

Join OKC Pride in a concert for the ages as they bring the community together to cheer and enjoy a night of entertainment, this event is free to the public and all are welcome. The concert starts at 6:30 pm and will feature Drive and The Bright Light Social Hour.

OKC Pride Festival - photo by Dennis Spielman

This year’s festival will take place Saturday, June 24th from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and Sunday, June 25th, 2017 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm along with the Family Festival at Expressions Community Church on Saturday from noon to 6:00 pm.

OKC Pride Festival - photo by Dennis Spielman

This year marks the 30th year for the OKC Pride Parade and it falls on June 25th. They anticipate approximately 110 entries to celebrate the diversity of the community in their march down NW 39th Street from Classen to Youngs, so arrive early to find the best spot to watch. Expect a rainbow of color, showers of glitter and a great time for all Sunday, June 25 at 4 pm.

More details can be found at

SoonerCon @ Reed Conference Center
Jun 23 – Jun 25 all-day

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

Oklahoma’s Oldest and Longest Running Fan-Run Extravaganza, SoonerCon, happens June 23rd through the 25th this year at the Reed Conference Center at 5800 Will Rogers Road in Midwest City. In the three days, there’s a wonderful selection of activities and panels to check out. I’ve highlighted 25 activities (including some bonus mentions of related things) to check out.

SoonerCon Costume Contest - photo by Dennis Spielman

1. Participate in the SoonerCon 26 Masquerade Costume Contest

Dress to impress in SoonerCon’s annual costume contest! There are first place awards for each category, such as Youth, Constructed in the Past, What The…, and Original/Fantasy, and an award for Best of Show.

Don’t want to compete? They have a non-competitive exhibition too.

2. Get Inside the Author’s Studio with Timothy Zahn

Interview with Literary Guest of Honor Timothy Zahn, with audience Q&A. Timothy will also being doing panels on The Death Star Is Stupid Physics, Strong Women Are Star Wars, How to Create a Universe: World-Building Techniques, and more.

3. Miniatures Painting Competition

SoonerCon’s new Miniatures Painting Competition, which started last year, can be enjoyed both artists and fans. There are prizes for Best Single Figure, Best Large Figure, and Best in Show. As for rules, all participants must have a SoonerCon membership and have their pieces registered and on display in the Art Show.

4. Go to to the Panel: Podcasting for Beginners

Learn about developing content, generating listeners, and the dos and don’ts for successful broadcasting. Join various SF podcasters as they talk all things geek podcasting. The panel includes Courtney Oliphant, Michael Ashleigh, Finn Caleb, Nick Johnson, DL Nelson, and Haileigh Todd.

5. Battle in the Nerf War

Bring your favorite foam dart blaster and join the fun. Visit the game room for full rules. Didn’t bring your blaster? Don’t worry! A wide selection of blasters (with darts) will be available in the game room in exchange for donations to NAMI, this year’s charity.

6. Starship Valiant Q&A

Oklahoma’s own Starship Valiant will be presenting their next complete episode, filmed right here in Oklahoma, entitled “Crosses to Bear.” This dramatic story tackles the hardships of childhood illness and the identities of those affected by a terminal disease. They will also be showing for the first time a completely finished edit of “Act One,” of their episode “The Ties that Bind.” After that, there will be a panel discussion with actors and make-up artists.

Bonus Mention: If you want to pretend you’re on a spaceship, check out the Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator on Friday from 7 pm to 11 pm and Saturday from 7 pm to 11 pm.

7. Be a Hungry Hungry Humans (Hippos)

Four hungry, hungry hippos (2 person teams) face off in an attempt to shove all the balls into their mouths (laundry baskets). One teammate will ride a cart and be propelled by the other teammate. Once they have collected balls in their laundry basket, the other teammate will pull them back to the starting area. After all the balls have been collected (or at the end of the time limit) the team with the most balls wins.

8. Go to the They Act Human Concert

They Act Human is an Art Sunday music project based on horror and sci-fi movies, 80s video game music, sad robot stories, and sometimes math metal. Built by hand, note by note, beat by beat (one-man band), They Act Human is also part of a fanzine. This music is most loved by robots and sea monsters. All songs are written and performed by Art Sunday.

9. Play Muggle Quidditch

Muggle Quidditch is a sport based on Quidditch, the fictional sport developed by British author J. K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series of children’s novels, as governed by the Quidditch Association. Each match begins with the seven starting players along the starting line within their keeper zone with brooms on the ground and their eyes closed (so as to not watch where the snitch goes) and the four balls lined in the center of the pitch. The head referee, when they see the snitch fall out of sight, then calls “Brooms Up!” to which players pick up their brooms and run to gain possession of the balls. After brooms up is called, the seekers must not interfere with other positions and wait near the pitch until the end of the seeker floor, usually 10 minutes. The seekers are then released and may run off to search for the snitch. Once a point is scored, the Quaffle must be given to the other team’s keeper and almost immediately return to the offensive with the chasers returning to their keeper zone; beaters are not bound to return to their side of the pitch nor exit the opposing team’s keeper zone at any point. Games generally last 20 to 50 minutes. The game is won only after the snitch has been caught cleanly, and the team that caught the snitch is awarded 50 points. The winner is determined by the total number of points, NOT the team who caught the snitch.

10. Go to Z for Ztupendous!: The Annual B-Movie Panel

Join SoonerCon for their cheesy B-movie panel. Stick up for your guilty pleasures and make fun of everybody else’s. Recite long stretches of painful dialogue and make everyone cringe. Why does fandom love to love these films?

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

11. Padawan Training

Lightsaber skills practice for kids, guided by master Jedis.

Bonus Mention: SoonerCon will also offer a Make Your Own Lightsaber craft class session.

12. Medieval Song and Dance

Watch or join the Medieval Song and Dance by the Arthurian Order of Avalon.

13. Get Todd Haberkorn’s Autograph

LA-based Todd Haberkorn has worked in a variety of media in the entertainment industry. The actor is also a director for companies like Netflix and Funimation Entertainment, as well as a producer for production groups like Geek & Sundry.

In the animated world, he voiced roles in Ben 10; Ever After High; Sofia the First; Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood; Pokemon; and many others. He even got the infamous “and I would have gotten away with too…” villain line in an episode of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

In video games go, you’d recognize him in the Call of Duty series, Persona series, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter IV, and Ghostbusters, to name a handful. He won is the 2016 SOVAS award for Best Narrator of a classic novel.

On camera, see him in the internationally recognized and award-winning Star Trek Continues, as Spock. Todd’s show, Otak-ing Heads, is a weekly look inside the world of anime with top industry guests and fun games—catch it on Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel.

14. Go to the Panel: Getting Started in the Art World

If you like producing 2D or 3D art, and people say you’re pretty good, this panel discusses the next steps for an artist who wants to begin both exhibiting and selling their work. Panelists include Angela Lowry, David Lee Anderson, Lee Billings, Tim Chessmore, Allen Grimes, and Johnnie Johnson.

15. Watch Freaks Film Screening with Classic Cinema Podcast

SoonerCon will host a screening of the 1932 Tod Browning film Freaks, with a discussion and live podcast recording by OKC-based podcast group, Classic Cinema Podcast. Freaks is an American Pre-Code horror film in which the eponymous characters were played by people who worked as carnival sideshow performers and had real deformities. Directed and produced by Tod Browning, whose career never recovered from it, Freaks has been described as standing alone in a subgenre of one.

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

16. Play Board Games

SoonerCon will hosting board games all the time. Play a favorite or discover something new.

Bonus Mention: There will be video games too!

17. Go to the World Peace Through Chocolate Art Reception

Award-winning SF artists host a viewing of the region’s largest SF art show. Light desserts provided.

18. Go to the A Girl Is… discussion panel

Girls, is your nerd cred constantly questioned? Are you too pretty to be a geek? Gamergate. Just, Gamergate. Why don’t the “normal” girls ever want to talk much about your tech project? Panelists discuss being a woman in nerd culture, overcoming sexism, and bridging the gap between fandom and conventional interest groups. Speakers include Jan S. Gephardt, Lee Billings, Shai Fenwick, Travis Nance, Courtney Oliphant, and Joey Rodman.

Bonus Mention: There will also be a panel on “Gatekeeping Stops with You” to make fandom more inclusive.

19. Find out about the Practical Benefits of the Zombie Apocalypse

This panel discussion will discuss long-term apocalypse survival strategies, applied to day-to-day life. Can the team-building of dodging zombies help you in your Office Space? Features Curtiss Mays, Rhonda Eudaly, Tim Frayser, Vickey Malone Kennedy, Julia S. Mandala, and Selina Rosen.

20. Learn How to Dress a Victorian Lady

What layers are hidden beneath a Victorian lady’s dress? Why so many? How can you use the knowledge to make a historical or Steampunk costume of your own? This will include a demo and discussion with Jennene Stanley, Honor Lychee, Kathleen M. O’Brien, Anne Shelby, and Brian Swearingin.

21. Meet Victoria Price

Victoria Price is a speaker on inspirational topics ranging from the daily practice of joy, how finding your magic word can change your life, living your legacy of yes, stepping into this one brave life, wild flowering your way back whole, making peace with our past stories to expand our creative futures, the role of the arts in society, as well as the life of her famous father, Vincent Price, and a range of topics on interior and industrial design.

22. Meet Mitchell Bentley

As the Creative Consultant of Atomic Fly Studios, Mitchell Bentley produces cover art, marketing materials, and websites. At the same time, he continues to produce quality 2-D artwork marketed through the AFS website and at science-fiction conventions across the United States.

Bentley has lectured at universities, worked in film, edited publications and served as Artist Guest of Honor at more than a dozen science fiction conventions. He has also earned 35 awards, is a lifetime member of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists and is currently serving as its Central Director.

He will be part of the panels for Book Cover Design for Authors, Anatomy for Artists, The Story Behind the Image, and more.

23. Go to the panel 3D Printing—The Why of It All

Makers discuss the principles, ideas, and design elements of three- dimensional printing. Today’s hobby is quickly becoming tomorrow’s ease-of-replacement.

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

24. See the Cosplay

What’s a fan convention without cosplay?

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

25. Have Fun!

Above all: have fun! There will be watch parties, panels, shopping, contests, scavanger hunts, games, and more. SoonerCon has an Anti-Harassment Policy to ensure people are safe. SoonerCon staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the conference.

SoonerCon is a three-day event with many offerings – some of which you can’t find locally. This list was only a small selection to highlight some of the variety. Anime Pajama Party, anyone? For the full schedule to find what interests you, go to

Regular prices at the door are as follows:
Daily Membership: $30
Weekend Memberships: $55

Burnt Ends Oklahoma Barbeque Championship @ Heritage Place
Jun 24 – Jun 25 all-day

“Burnt Ends” the inaugural Oklahoma Barbeque Championship, will take place June 24-25 at Heritage Place in Oklahoma City. The event, initiated by the OKC Jazz Fest, will include local and regional barbeque teams competing for $12,000 in prize money and for the title ‘Oklahoma Barbeque Grand Champion!”

The Oklahoma Barbeque Championship is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society. The winner of Oklahoma’s event will advance to the American Royal, the World Series of Barbeque in Kansas City, and the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbeque in Lynchburg, TN.

Burnt Ends is also sanctioned by the Oklahoma Barbeque Society and the newly formed OKC Barbeque Society. In addition to the barbeque competition, the event will also include a classic car show, live music, food trucks, craft beers and other entertainment.

Organisers have secured the services of Arlie Bragg to coordinate the Oklahoma Barbeque Championship. Bragg is considered one of the premier experts in the competitive barbeque world. Burnt Ends will be one of over 15 competitions he will run across the country this year.

Burnt Ends and the OKC Jazz Fest will be supporting the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma’s “Food for Kids” program and local music education programs.

Barbeque teams can register for the Oklahoma Barbeque Championship by visiting the OKC Jazz Festival website.

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Production Set Up & Team Load-In

7:30 AM – Production Set Up & Team Load-In Continues

5:00 PM – Cooks Meeting
Heritage Place Auditorium

6:00 PM – Cooking Competition Begins
(Immediately Following Cooks Meeting)

10:30 AM Judges Meeting
Heritage Place Restaurant

Judging Times:
12:00 Noon – Chicken
12:30 PM – Ribs
1:00 PM – Pork
1:30 PM – Brisket

4:00 PM – Oklahoma Barbeque Championship Awards

Fiesta Friday @ Calle Dos Cinco
Jun 30 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Calle Dos Cinco (SW 25th Street in Oklahoma City) comes alive with hot food, cold beverages, free family fun, music, and dancing during the Fiesta Friday Summer Series presented by Fowler Dodge on the last Friday of June, July, and August. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy an evening filled with food trucks, local culture, and classic cars – only in Historic Capitol Hill.

Summer Night Series
June 30 | July 28 | August 25
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
SW 25th Street :: Calle Dos Cinco
Between Harvey & Robinson
FREE admission and activities!

Oklahoma City Ghost Tour @ Bricktown and Downtown OKC
Jun 30 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

OKC Ghost Tour logo
The Oklahoma City Ghost Tour is a monthly walking tour that will tell spooky historical tales of Bricktown and downtown Oklahoma City. Come hear about:

… the mysterious first death following the Land Run of 1889,
… hidden tunnels where people were said to born, live, and die without ever seeing the sun,
… and the most haunted hotel in Oklahoma!

Walks will meet outside the west entrance of the Kingman building on S. Oklahoma Avenue and will last a little over an hour. The route is all outdoors and follows public sidewalks, so it should be wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are $10, paid upon arrival. Cash or card is fine. Each guest receives a commemorative glow-in-the-dark wristband as your ticket.

Check out for more information, including more upcoming tours across the state.

On The Lawn @ Western Avenue
Jul 6 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

On the Lawn logo
On The Lawn is a family-friendly event series taking place every first Thursday throughout the summer, hosted by Western Avenue Association! The association invite you and your young ones out to their amazing lawn space just north of Wholefoods for an evening of food trucks, music to wiggle to, yard games, beer for the adults, and more!

On The Lawn - photo by Dennis Spielman

Sugar Free Allstars performing at On The Lawn

On The Lawn - photo by Dennis Spielman

There’s lots of shade On The Lawn

On The Lawn - photo by Dennis Spielman

Lawn Slides at On The Lawn

On The Lawn will have yard games, cardboard sliding, and lots of grassy spots to sit and relax and enjoy the weather. Please bring blankets and camp chairs for your family!

Learn more about On The Lawn and Wheeler Criterium in the above video.

First Friday Art Crawl @ Brady Arts District
Jul 7 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Center of the Universe - photo by Dennis Spielman

Center of the Universe looking at the Brady Arts District

The First Friday Art Crawl was established in 2007. This year-round monthly event features all of the galleries, studios and museums as well as the part-time galleries in various shops opening their doors to show art. The Art Crawl is held on the first Friday of the month and open from 6–9 pm.

In line with its original purpose, local artists are given an opportunity to display and sell their work. This event has grown from 50–100 people visiting 4–6 venues to an event that has drawn over 3,000 people and continues to attract new people to Downtown Tulsa. Besides the mini-galleries being open, the established museums and galleries offer free admission and many shops stay open late. During any given Art Crawl, visitors can expect visual art, performances and maybe a few fireworks! Each venue offers something different and creative, a true hallmark of the Brady Arts District.

First Friday is a perfect date night starting with a cocktail, coffee or early dinner on one of the many patios. It can also be a leisurely browse of the art and a great late dinner or nightcap at the District’s unique restaurants or clubs. Families can find many options from kid-friendly gallery shows to live music in the park. For those who like to linger even later, stay for one of the clubs, bars or coffee shops – many of which offer live entertainment.

Paseo First Friday @ Paseo Arts District
Jul 7 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Paseo Arts District’s First Friday Gallery Walk features more than 80 artists in more than 25 galleries participating, all within walking distance. Paseo galleries offer special themed exhibits, refreshments, guest artists and a variety of entertainment opportunities. The night typically features four to six Art Opening Receptions to showcase the new work of the gallery/studio owners or the work of guest artists.

Come visit Oklahoma City’s historic arts district to experience dozens of galleries, three restaurants, and a handful of shops stand in distinctive Spanish Mission Revival style buildings, all within a two block distance.

First Friday Gallery Walk at the Paseo - photo by Dennis Spielman

First Friday Gallery Walk at the Paseo - photo by Dennis Spielman

First Friday Gallery Walk at the Paseo - photo by Dennis Spielman

The First Friday Gallery Walk starts on the First Friday of every month at 6 pm and lasts until 10 pm.

For more information on the Paseo Arts District, visit

Beats and Bites @ Riverwind Casino
Jul 8 @ 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Beats and Bites @ Riverwind Casino | Norman | Oklahoma | United States

The Riverwind Casino presents the monthly music and food truck festival series, Beats and Bites. The free, family friendly event features a variety of food trucks, vendors, children’s games, beer garden, and live entertainment.

Held on the Second Saturday, Festival Dates for 2017 are May 13, June 10, July 8 and Aug. 12.

Beats and Bites is held on the west end parking lot of Riverwind Casino.

The festival is free, open to the public and will be held in the casino’s west parking lot from 6 to 11 p.m. There will be more than a dozen local food truck options and vendors. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and can bring umbrellas. Pets and outside food and beverages are prohibited. The event will be held rain or shine.

Learn more about Beats and Bites in this episode of Uncovering Oklahoma.

Interested food truck operators or vendors can fill out the application by visiting the Entertainment page on the Riverwind website.

2nd Friday Norman Art Walk @ Downtown Norman
Jul 14 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk is a monthly, citywide celebration of art in Norman. It’s a collaboration between artists, art organizations, and businesses, brought to you by the Norman Arts Council. All events are free and open to the public from 6pm to 9pm.

The main action happens in Downtown Norman where many of the businesses are having art shows, live music, giveaways, and other fun activities.

Photo Gallery
Art Walk Tips

  • Pay attention to doors! There are hidden treasures, like Gallery123. On 123 E. Main St. in downtown is a doorway leading upstairs to several small art studios.
  • Come early because it will take time to walk all of Downtown Norman.