Classen SAS Showcase

December 9, 2017 all-day America/Chicago Timezone
Tower Theatre
425 NW 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73103


For the last several years, Classen School of Advanced Studies, located at 18th & Classen Boulevard, has hosted a fundraiser showcasing some of their best talent in performing and visual arts. This year’s show is hosted by OKC Community and will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2017 in the Tower Theater with a pre-show at OKC Community Church. OKC Community Church is financially supporting the showcase efforts in hopes that together they can maximize the fundraising potential and highlight the amazing talent of these students on a larger scale in the community. In association with this event, Love Your Schools was created. Love Your Schools is a platform for anyone to promote or champion ways to love your schools.

Classen SAS is an OKC Public School for 6th to 12th-grade students. One of the unique features of the school is that over half of the student body is involved in some form of Fine Arts (vocal performance, band/ orchestra, dance, drama, visual arts, photography, etc). Therefore, a majority of the student body will participate in this event. With the funding crises OKC Public Schools is facing, many of the basic budget dollars needed to fund fine arts, athletics, and other extra-curricular programs is now largely up to the teachers and students to raise funds in order to keep their programs going.

This event can make a significant impact in raising the necessary funds needed to operate and expand the incredible fine arts department as 100% of ticket sales is going to Classen SAS Fine Arts program. Additionally, the support from our city and community will give the teachers and the students the boost they need to keep dreaming and making the future of our city better! This is a great opportunity love your schools.

Saturday, December 9th, 2017
Address: 421 NW 23rd Street, OKC
Ticket Price: $25 each with 100% of ticket sales going to Classen SAS Fine Arts program

SHOW #1, MATINEE Pre-show begins at 12:30 pm at OKC Community Showcase starts at 2 pm at Tower Theatre

SHOW #2, EVENING Pre-show begins at 5:30 pm at OKC Community Showcase starts at 7 pm at Tower Theatre

What is the Pre-Show? The pre-show is held in the OKC Community, with snacks and refreshments, including a visual art show displaying Classen SAS student work and several pre-show performances on the OKC Community stage.

What is the Showcase? The Showcase is held in historic Tower Theatre with a variety of dynamic performances displaying the deep talent at Classen SAS (dance, vocal, instrumental, drama, and more).

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