Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma is a hands on learning environment for families and general science enthusiasts. Explore Science Live, a giant Dome Theatre, Destination Space, Tinkering Garage, a giant tree-house GadgetTrees, and much more. Uncovering Oklahoma hangs out with Clayton P. Moore, Wonder Instigator and Relevance Czar, as he talks about the museum and gives a brief tour.

For people that visited Science Museum Oklahoma back when it was called the Omniplex, consider taking another visit.

“The people that have to the museum in the past when it was the Omniplex are surprised at how much has changed, how different things are, and much work has been done,” Clayton said. “It is a slick, nice museum and I think people are surprised at how well put together the museum is as a whole.

As a result of keeping the museum fresh, over the past five years 80% of the science floor has changed. The museum is constantly bringing in new exhibits, making it always worth visiting again.

Pictures from Science Museum Oklahoma

From the Date Guide Book:

“What makes Science Museum Oklahoma a good date night destination is the fact that it’s an active environment. You don’t have a movie distracting you from the company you’re with, but you’re not just sitting across the table waiting for conversation to come up. You’ve got an environment where you and the person your with can play and engage these apparatus, which of course is going to lead to conversation or just at least eliminating the uncomfortableness of not doing anything together. Instead of just sitting down and watching something, the two of you can actually experience something together and that’s got to make the evening that much more meaningful.”

~ Clayton P. Moore
Wonder Instigator and Relevance Czar