H&8th Night Market
H&8th Night Market. Photo by Dennis Spielman of Uncovering Oklahoma. Taken May 6, 2013

Thank you for your interest in wanting to work with Uncovering Oklahoma.

Uncovering Oklahoma is supported through sponsorships and a viewer support on Patreon for individuals who want to help support this series and more from the Uncovering Oklahoma Network. To be a fair resource, we don’t offer advertising services, however, we are open for sponsors on special projects, video production services, and public speaking engagements.


Build brand awareness by lifting the voices in the local community through a sponsorship. Sponsorships can be done with a series of videos, articles, or even a feature length documentary. Sponsors would need to pair well with the sponsored content.

For example, with the support of Downtown OKC Inc, they sponsored several Artist Statement Minutes about art in the downtown area, which included Amanda Zoey’s Wild Illuminate, Leigh Martin’s Contained Aesthetics, J. NiCole Hatfield and Steven Grounds’ Strength of the Woman, Kelsey Karper and romy owens’ Golden Hour, Don Narcomey’s Roots, and Jason Pawley’s Cultivation. They also sponsored the feature-length documentary, Inviting Art.

Sponsorships can be a rewarding experience bigger than yourself. Dennis Spielman will be glad to meet with you over coffee to discuss options.

Custom Video Production

Dennis Spielman of Uncovering Oklahoma is also available for custom, freelance video production. Contact him to discuss your project. Dennis’ curriculum vitae is available here.

Dennis speaking at Ignite OKC

Public Speaking

Want Dennis Spielman to come talk about how awesome Oklahoma is to a group of people? Or perhaps a panel discussion on movie making? Dennis is personally available for Public Speaking engagements. He was one of the speakers for Ignite OKC and in the past, he’s spoken at the Norman Public Library about local road trips and date ideas.


Contact Dennis Spielman if you’re interesting in sponsoring a project, hiring the talents for your own project, or would like more information.