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Christie Hackler and Katie Henderson - photo by Dennis Spielman


A new art show, Ethos, will feature the work of Fringe: Women Artists of Oklahoma members Christie Hackler, Christie Owen, Behnaz Sohrabian, and Katie Henderson. Fringe is a collective of professional women artists in Oklahoma...

Art Statement Thumbnail for Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision celebrates the emotions, sensations, and knowledge that remain after we close our eyes. The show at Verbode features the work of Fringe artists Mary James Ketch, Erica Bonavida, and Becky Arman. Mary...

Sarah Day-Short, Alexis Austin, and Debra Ashley at Chromatic Ritual

Chromatic Ritual

The women artists of Oklahoma group, Fringe, will have a new gallery space at Verbode, a residential real estate brokerage located on Automobile Alley in downtown Oklahoma City. Verbode will host quarterly art shows over...