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Tuesday Treats is a weekly interview series with people in Oklahoma who have made cool things like books, movies, games, albums, etc.

Ghost Data interview

Simulated Sensations by Ghost Data

Mixing up the Tuesday Treats with an audio interview with GHOST DATA. Xzaviyer a.k.a. GHOST DATA makes electronic music with a focus on symphonic melody and deep harmonic chord structuring, backed by creative and intuitive...

Vanity by Brianna Gaither cover

Vanity by Brianna Gaither

Following her faith and desire to explore Oklahoma’s creative culture, Brianna Gaither’s sophomore album breaks the norm by recording 10 songs, in 10 months, with 10 different, Oklahoma-based producers and made a documentary following the...

We’re All Bad in Bed by Shelby Simpson - photo by Dennis Spielman

We’re All Bad in Bed by Shelby Simpson

In We’re All Bad in Bed, award-winning author and unrepentant ragamuffin Shelby Simpson mines her past (and the past of her most trusted friends) for the ultimate bedroom debacles. From hitting puberty in small-town Oklahoma...

Annie Ellicott - Photo by Jeremy Charles

Lonesome Goldmine by Annie Ellicott

For this week’s Tuesday Treat Q&A session, Annie Ellicott talks about her latest album, Lonesome Goldmine. She also shares the story her challenge of making the album while caring for her mother who had cancer,...

Beginnings by Grant Adams album cover

Beginnings by Grant Adams

Here in this Tuesday Treat Q&A, Grant Adams talks about his appropriately titled debut album, Beginnings. He also shares how a sick day from school got him into music, his favorite places for music in...

O Brother Poster

O, Brother!

For this Tuesday Treat, I’m highlighting the wild independent comedy about a Mayor’s Chief of Staff who is caught on an adultery website and loses his wife and job in the public scandal in the movie, O, Brother! I have a triple threat with answers from Lance McDaniel, Spencer Hicks, and Stephanie Peña.

Come Around by Vastye album cover

Come Around by Vastye

Come here and listen to Vastye’s debut album, Come Around. In this Tuesday Treat Q&A, Cami Stinson discusses her music, the calibrations for the album, her favorite Bright Lights in Oklahoma, being a foster child,...

Kylee Laynee First Steps Album EP cover

First Step by Kylee Laynee

This week’s Tuesday Treat Q&A session is with Kylee Laynee about her country EP album, First Step. In this question and answer session, Kylee shares her the story musical journey, her most admired Warrior, the...

Super Collider by Hannah Wolff cover

Super Collider by Hannah Wolff

Prepare to collide with Hannah Wolff with her new EP album, Super Collider. In this Tuesday Treat Q&A session, Hannah shares her story of trying to fulfill her father’s dreams, the story behind the album...

The Not In Here Story - book cover

The Not In Here Story by Tracey Zeeck

For National Adoption Month, this week’s Tuesday Treat Q&A session is with author Tracey Zeeck about her new book, The Not In Here Story. In this question and answer interview, Tracey talks about her own...

Steve Lackmeyer holding his book - photo by Dennis Spielman

Bricktown (Images of Modern America) by Steve Lackmeyer

Oklahoma City’s Bricktown was originally nothing but warehouses for wholesale operations, connecting with the rail lines. Today, Bricktown is now the city’s premier entertainment district and the transformation still continues. Business writer for The Oklahoman...