The First Episode is Online!

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I said the first episode would air on Monday. I just didn’t say when on Monday. Yes, the first episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, Gems in Bricktown and Downtown, is finally here. After many days of filming and going back to places several times for more pick up shots, the first episode is finally complete. For this being the first episode and dealing with the inexperience of making a documentary series, I’m rather happy how it turned out. I could rant on and on about the episode, but I’ll save that for another update. Visit the episode’s page for more information. I’ll provide for more download and viewing options as I get them ready. Don’t forget, the deleted bits and bloopers will air next week.

Now, go watch the show and then tell all of your friends about it! Even if you didn’t care for it, tell them anyway! They might have better appreciation for such a fine web show.

Uncovering Oklahoma is here! Woohoo!

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Dennis Spielman

I'm Dennis Spielman, the Producer of Uncovering Oklahoma, which I started in 2009 as a way to show that Oklahoma isn't boring. As for about myself, I’m a creative person that writes imaginative stories. I also run The Show Starts Now Studios, which is my umbrella organization for all of my shows I create. Come join me on Patreon as I create content that adds adventure and wonder to peoples' lives. More about my stories and projects are at

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