I took a trip to Norman and visited The Candy Basket (2001 West Main St.), which we featured in our fourth episode, to get this week’s Something Sundays item. The Candy Basket has a new item: Cocopotamus. Cocopotamus is an natural “gourmet fudge” that does not contain any preservatives, corn syrup, wheat, or gluten.

The Candy Basket has a bunch of Cocopotamus’s flavors including Naked Hottie, cinnamon; Santa’s Addiction, peppermint; Ommm…, orange and Triple Sec; Mr. French, sea salt; Cuppa Joe, espresso; Hottie, cinnamon and chili pepper; Yo Ho Ho, rum; Planet Marz, kirsch and almond; and Hang Lose, coconut. If you want to learn more about Cocopotamus, visit their web site at Cocopotamus.com. The site also contains some nice extras such as chocolate recipes and jokes. FYI, Rachael Ray likes says they’re “awesome chocolate.”

Get thee to a fudgery! Try Cocopotamus’s fudge for yourself at the Candy Basket.

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Dennis Spielman

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  1. Ally says:

    Thanks for visiting The Candy Basket to try our handmade dark chocolate fudge truffles. The whole team here at Cocopotamus says hey, and thanks for noticing our chocolates!

    Ally, Master Chocolatier
    Cocopotamus by NYDC Chocolate

  2. Thanks for noticing us for noticing you! Your notice of us has been noted. 🙂

  3. Ally says:

    That’s hilarious!

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