In the tough economic times, a romantic out-of-the city gateway with a love one doesn’t have to break the bank. Stillwater offers a variety of unique boutiques and restaurants that would fit any budget.

While in Stillwater check out:

Eskimo Joe’s, a landmark restaurant in Stillwater. Joes opened in 1975 as a college bar, serving cold beer and offering a stage to local musicians to play original music. Ever since then, Joes has grown into a family-friendly restaurant during the day, and one of the most beloved college bars at night. For a true Stillwater experience make sure to check out some of Joes special; however, if you are there for the day, curly cheese fries and a cold beer are some of Joes famous. And on your way out stop by the gift shop to pick up a T-shirt or a mug.

Next stop: Did someone said pizza???…if so… Stillwater is the home of the first pizzeria parlor in Oklahoma- Hideaway Pizza.
Hideaway opened its doors for business in 1957; today Hideway offers 35 different topics and six sauces to choose from. Items to try: garlic bread and fried mushrooms.

If you had enough to eat and want to chill with a nice drink stop by Zannotti’s Wine Bar. Located in the heart of downtown, Zannotti’s offers a chique and classy vibe to the college town. The wine bar has a large selection of wine, mix drinks and imported as well as domestic beer to choose from. And to go with your drinks try their cheese and bread platter. For more information visit their web site.

Stillwater has an explosive mix of nightlife clubs. Whether you like rock, country, hip/hop, or electric music, Stillwater will satisfy your taste.

One of the beloved by locals bars is Stonewall Tavern. With an inside and an outside bar, Stonewall offers a unique blend of people. The bar has a stage where bands shake the bargoers until the wee hours of the morning. Stonewall’s mix drinks are affordable and the bar also has specials every night. So make sure to check out this bar!

Stillwater is a short 40 minutes drive from Oklahoma City. The town takes you away from the noise of the big city and gives you plenty of places to visit on your date without the hassel of spending lots of money.

I am Sasha Denkinska, uncovering Stillwater for you. Make sure to check our Web site regularly for more date updates!

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