Did that really happen? (Yes it did, yes it did) Did that really happen? (No it didn’t, no it didn’t)

Twinprov: String Theory is an all-new fully improvised comedy show from Buck and Clint Vrazel, featuring guest improv violinist Nicole Melki! String Theory will meld the unique sound of the violin with original hip-hop, rap, and reggae songs inspired by high-powered improvised scenes. I have their first public show available here to watch.

This week also includes a new show from Villain: The Musical on July 31. The Villains whip up a musical taking place in a grocery store.

You can watch Villain: The Musical and The MiDolls next week at The Boom! on Saturday, August 28th. Show starts at 8pm. 21 and up. No cover. Here’s the Villain and MiDolls shows from their last performance at The Boom!

I totally meant to have more shows for this week’s update, so I’ll feature some extras next week. On the July 31 shows, you’ll notice I did something different when filming them hence why they look much better. If you want my videos to look even better, like in oh say HD, consider a donation. I’m in the process of saving up for the Panasonic AG-HPX170 camera and then the world will be mine! 8)

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