This week I’m highlighting Ghostlight Theatre Club’s production of Anthony Horowitz’s MINDGAME. I took the time to ask a few questions about the show from the people behind the production. (Hooray for original content!)

What is MINDGAME about?
A “true crime” writer who specializes in serial killers arrives at Fairfields, an insane asylum in the British countryside, in the hopes of achieving an exclusive interview with one of Britain’s most infamous murderers. However, as his initial meeting with the head psychotherapist begins, the writer realizes that nothing at Fairfields is as it seems. Mindgame brings to light questions about perception, reality, and sanity, while taking the audience on a trip through a fun house of tricks.

Why should we see it?
Aside from being a very well written script, Mindgame is the perfect show for Halloween. It is a psychological roller coaster for the audience, pulling you into the action from the first moment and dragging you along through twists and turns as the story progresses.

What makes Ghostlight’s version special?
Ghostlight’s production of Anthony Horowitz’s Mindgame stars the incredible talents of three heavy-hitters of the OKC theatre scene. Chris Crane, Terry Veal, and Linda McDonald bring with them a cumulative 100 years of stage experience. These are performances not to be missed.

If you’re interested in seeing MINDGAME, catch the show on November 5-6, 11-13. All shows begin at 8:00 PM.

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