The deadCENTER Film Festival is June 6-10 in Oklahoma City. In this Question and Answer session, I speak with Lance McDaniel, the director and writer for the feature film, Just Crazy Enough.

How would you describe Just Crazy Enough?
Just Crazy Enough is a family comedy about twins separated at birth starring Saturday Night Live veteran Chris Kattan and a host of amazing Oklahoma actors.

Why should one see it?
It is a fun film for the entire family, Chris Kattan and the other actors are hilarious, and the film was written, funded and produced right here in Oklahoma.

What was the most challenging aspect you had in the production?
The biggest challenge was filming the entire movie in 18 days. We only had one day to film the entire ending sequence at the state capitol and it was 111 degrees.

What was the best part about filming in Oklahoma?
The best part about filming in Oklahoma was having an outstanding crew that we knew and trusted, using wonderful Oklahoma actors with no attitude and tons of talent and a wildly supportive community.

How did you grow as director and as a writer while working on this film?
The last film I directed was a thriller, so it was so fun to work on a comedy where the goal of each scene was to end up laughing. I think I became more patient on this film and better at letting the experts do their jobs.

What scenes were fun for everyone to film?
All of the scenes with the child actors were fun because the kids were so talented and so good at interacting with Chris. It was a joy for all of us.

Anything else you wish to add?
We were able to work with over 100 people from Oklahoma on this film, many of whom have other jobs like lawyers, artists, preachers and airmen. So, when you support Oklahoma film, you support tons of people all around you.

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