For this week’s Creator Conversation, where I feature cool things people in Oklahoma have made, I have a book. The Crashing of Heaven and Hell is a sci-fi/fantasy novel written by Dennis Spielman. (I know this guy. He’s cool.)

In short, what is the novel about?
It’s like a cross between American Gods and The Hitchers Guide to the Galaxy. The book a quick and adventurous read with a colorful and imaginative world where there are aliens, monsters, and mystical creatures and everyone is cool with it. Then one day, their planet’s Heaven and Hell crashes onto the surface.

What inspired the book?
It was actually a song, “Something of an End” by My Brightest Diamond. The idea of heaven and hell crashing down was a powerful one for me. I wrote out a short story with that concept and eventually it was fleshed out into a novel.

What are your favorite scenes in the book?
Without spoiling anything, I love the final chapter as everything comes together. I also the enjoy the action of Jet and Virus’ date in the first chapter.

Where can people buy the book?
The Paperback is on Amazon and as an ebook for Kindle. People can visit the book’s web page for more details. There is a free sample of the book from Amazon’s look inside feature.

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Dennis Spielman

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