Them Hounds by The Fix

For this Creator Conversation, where I feature cool things people in Oklahoma have made, I have a music video. “Them Hounds” by The Fix was directed by Attila Gyula Balazs. The director has taken a moment to answer my questions about the music video.

First off, give me five words to describe yourself.
Five words: imaginative, director, resourceful, visionary, flexible.

Where did you shot the music video?
We shot the video in Oklahoma city, locations like Kamps Deli and Lounge for the plan, The Underground, The First National Center for the bank robbery, a former bank trapped in time.

What was the most challenge aspect of making this video?
We conceived the video about two weeks before the official release on July 6th. The time crunch follower us throughout production. We only had two hours in The First National Center. There is no way this could have been done as quickly and accurately without the producing of Zak Thompson and the trust of the members of Them Hounds.

Anything you want people to know about the video?
This is more a silent film than a traditional music video. The characters are lent from a series I’ve been working on for a year called PWN, a fight for world domination between massive super states brings an unlikely ensemble to direct the fate of the universe.

Pretty effing fun stuff. We start shooting no later than the fall of 2013.

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