Kick by Skating Polly

For this week’s Creator Conversation, where I feature cool things people in Oklahoma have made, I have the music video, Kick by Skating Polly.

First off, tell everyone a little bit about yourself.
We are Peyton (18) and Kelli (13). We write and play music that a lot of people have called punk, but we have songs that are way too poppy to be punk, so we aren’t totally a punk band. I graduated school in the spring and Kelli is homeschooled, so we spend our days at home, working on music and watching cool movies and documentaries. We love to listen to records while we read or play Super Mario World.

What was the greatest challenge in making this music video?
I was having trouble falling when shooting the video. I got really scared every time I was about to fall and chickened out. And the underwater shots weren’t too difficult, but our eyes burned after a while of that.

Where did you film the music video?
For the outside scenes we shot it in a grassy field near the fairgrounds, and the underwater scened were filmed in Wayne Coyne’s bathtub/a bathtub.

How did the whole filming in Wayne Coyne’s bathtub come about and what was doing that like?
[pullquote-right]We really sucked at trying to pretend an imaginary force was pushing us down.[/pullquote-right]It was George Salisbury’s idea. He’s the owner of Delo Creative. Delo Creative does the music videos for The Flaming Lips. One more thing we should add about this video is that it was pretty much all George’s idea. We came up with the ideas for the other videos but this one was his. He wanted to do something like some force was pushing us down every so often. And later we would be kind of pushed underwater. We really sucked at trying to pretend an imaginary force was pushing us down. I kept tripping and it kind of looked like we were doing a zombie walk. So we just started pushing each other around. I think the reason George wanted to use Wayne’s big bathtub is because it’s pretty deep like 3 or 4 feet. So they could get a camera in there and get pretty cool underwater shots. Wayne wasn’t home at the time but we got to see the inside of his house for the first time which was pretty cool. The water in that tub was pretty cold. Here’s a photo of us in between takes.

That bathtub kind of takes up a small room which looks like an igloo. I should say we came up with the basic ideas for our other videos. George and Delo Creative have added cool ideas to all of them!

What is the song about to you?
I’ve decided that it is about someone who is trying to escape from anything they don’t want to be trapped by.

What is your favorite shot or moment in the video?
My favorite shot is at 2:24 right after I say “anything” and there is a shot of my face and then directly after it’s a closer shot of my face. My hair looks like it’s shooting out from my head and it looks really cool.

If you had all of the money needed, what would you do differently?
I feel like we did exactly what we wanted with the money we had, so I really wouldn’t want to change anything.

Anything else you want people to know?
No, thank you!

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