Anonymous (The Diary of the Other Woman)

For this Creator Conversation, I speak with Rashonna Moore on the web sites, Anonymous (The Diary of the Other Woman). Above is the first episode. The show is for mature audiences. More can be found on their Facebook page.

In short, what is Anonymous about?
“Anonymous” (The Diary of the Other Woman) is a webseries we created to bring to light so real issues people face, maybe facing or have faced in relationships. It is based off the premise of an affaire where the scenario is that the people involved in the affair “The Other Woman” either knows she’s the other woman, doesn’t know she’s the other woman or a mutual arraignment in relationship styles (non-traditional) we created it to entertain, educate & make people aware of the dangers, the hurts, the pains & disappointments in these situations & also to let people who have been through similar situations know it happens to others as well they are not alone.

What has been the biggest challenge of this series?
The biggest challenge of the series is completing it given people’s schedules & timing it’s very hard but we are pulling through it. We have actually just wrapped on the next 3 episodes & ready tackle the next 4 before the year is completed. Given we are on a time line to have the first DVD out in the next 2 months.

What have been some of your favorite behind-the-scenes moments that you would like to share?
[pullquote-right]We have so much fun bringing the characters to life & preparing for shooting days…[pullquote-right]My favorite behind the scene moments are actually our rehearsals & table readings. We have so much fun bringing the characters to life & preparing for shooting days so those are the times that are fun & amazing to us in the production.

Anything else you want people to know about the series?
The series has been named as one of the fastest growing webseries on YouTube for 2013 with over 500k views of just the 1st 5 episodes. We are also in production with our 2nd webseries called “in the mind of a man/woman”, two short films & two documentary’s so as of right now we just want to continue providing quality, entertaining & wonderful films & productions that people will love & enjoy.

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