In this Performing Arts Q&A session speak with Lance Garrett, Artistic Director at Ghostlight Theatre Club, on their original comedy production, EGGNOG: Episode IV: A New Hope.

What five words would you use to describe EGGNOG: Episode IV: A New Hope?
Hilarious, nerdy, non-traditional, unique, gutsy

Now, using more than five words, what’s it about?
EGGNOG is our unique Christmas fundraiser show. It is 50% sketch comedy, 25% musical, 37.5% parody, and 1% math lesson. We write all the pieces which challenge our audience to follow us down the Christmas/Holiday madness rabbit hole. The show is pure fun wrapped in bacon. That is what’s big now, right? Bacon?

What was the biggest challenge with this production?
Well our last production of EGGNOG was a massive undertaking. Huge cast, big musical numbers, lots of guys dressed like John McClane. This year we had to reduce the number of performers and so that limited what we could accomplish on stage. If we need a backup choir, pretty much everyone has to be involved. It’s much easier to write when you know you can fill any role you conceive.

Why should one see it?
We hope more than one sees it. We hope tons of patrons see it. 🙂 Actually it’s just a great alternative to what else is being produced in the city. How many times can you watch the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and still think it’s fresh and fun? We poke fun at the largest holiday time in America. We do it lovingly with just a hint of malice.

What scenes do the actors enjoy?
By far the parodies that we work up. This year, based on our title EGGNOG: Episode IV: A New Hope, you know some Star Wars references are going to be flying around and that seems to be everyone’s favorite right now. Sometimes during rehearsals though you stumble across a small piece that blows everyone away.

What advice do you have for directors working on original projects?
Don’t be afraid to push boundaries! Shake things up, make audiences think and for Pete’s sake never apologize for art.

Anything else you want people to know?
Whatever you, as the general public, do in the coming years, please get rid of most of the crazy politicians in Oklahoma!

Don’t miss this fantastical, bombastical, in-your-face and by-your-side show!

December 13 & 14 – All shows begin @ 8pm
ACTS Studio – 30 NE 52nd Street, OKC, OK 73105
Tickets are $30 and reservations are recommended. 405-286-9412

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