Take-9 will debut the spring season with Warm, Wet and Wild episodes in April, May and June to play throughout each month at The Red Room in Norman. Take 9 borrows the hilarious cast chemistry from Carol Burnett, adds a touch of Saturday Night Living, and finishes with the irreverent audience interaction of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. With recurring characters and themes along with some exciting new elements, this is not a sit-and-watch show — it’s dynamic!

slide1Take 9 has something for everyone in a fast-paced entertainment spectacle. Come see what might happen if your new “smart” car developed a crush on you. And check out what happens when which “pick up” line wins the prize. Experience fun-filled moments with “Belly Up To The Bar”, where guests, stars and characters and banter with the inappropriate barkeeps and Take 9 news provides a hilarious double-take on current events. The music is live, the comedians are amazing and the experience memorable.

New elements later in the season will be a game show where comedians play the game and lucky audience members win prizes and comedy improvisation in every show. Take 9 even pays you to watch the show. There are always exciting giveaways from local merchants, and keep your tickets because after the last show your number might be chosen in the Facebook drawing. If it is, you have 48 hours to answer a trivia question about the show for cash! The cash increases every time the question is not answered or answered incorrectly. After the April shows, some lucky winner will be playing for $500! Audience members who attend each show have the best chance of taking home the prize, so the show changes slightly every time the episode is performed. The Thursday show features a karaoke segment and the Saturday show has an after party with our exciting featured band.

Information on April 2014 shows times are: Apr. 9th at 8 p.m.; Apr. 17 at 9 p.m. and Apr. 26 at 6 p.m. during the Norman Music Festival. See additional dates and information at www.take9online.com or like Take 9 on Facebook for more upcoming show dates and times as well as to keep up with your favorite characters between the episodes. Take 9 is available for outside bookings.

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