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In this performer question and answer session, I speak with Team Nightstand, who will be performing a free show at the The Norman Music Festival. Since this is the seventh year for the festival, here are seven questions to get to know the performers.

1. For those unfamiliar, how would you describe yourself and your music?
We’re in love. We like making music.

2. What songs do you recommend that best represent you?
If had to chose or lose an arm, then: “I’ll call for you”

3. What’s your song writing process?
One of us brings in a song. We decide if we like it. Then, we edit for a long time.

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4. What are your thoughts on the Norman Music Festival?
We love NMF. It’s an opportunity to play, see our friends play, and discover new bands.

5. In general, what inspires you?
What inspires us? Anything that makes our hearts go pitter patter.

6. You’ve just been offered an all expenses paid trip. Where would you go?
Vietnam. Cali would like to see where her parents are from.

7. Anything else you want the public to know about you?
We are Team Nightstand. Team Nightstand Loves YOU!



The seventh Norman Music Festival is from April 24-26, 2014. Read more interviews from performers in the festival, present and past, here.

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