For this interview for the 2014 deadCENTER Film Festival, I speak with Bunee Tomlinson about the short movie, Hana.

First off, tell me a bit about yourself and your role in the movie.
I directed the film. I’ve been making films since fifth grade and knew from that time that this is what I wanted to do. I also do video productions and commercials. I am a student at the Oklahoma Film Institute at OCCC. It makes for a hectic lifestyle, but I love every minute of it.

You can see my portfolio here:

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How would you describe Hana to people?
It’s the reflection of a dying man recalling a solo incident that represents an element that was missing from his life.

Why should one see it?
It is very appealing cinematically and softly touches a very deep emotion.

What was the most challenging aspect you had in the production?
One of the challenges in adding realism to the film was the Japanese dialect used by Hana, we brought in, again from the local area, a dialect coach and with a minimal amount of work, Kate nailed it and created the key scene of the whole movie.

What was the best part about filming in Oklahoma?
Due to the increase in filmmaking activity and the support the filmmaking industry, Oklahoma now has very qualified independent, artisans that can be brought in from this local area, which enables a filmmaker to assemble a high quality, qualified crew locally.

What scenes were fun for everyone to film?
“I believe that having fun and reducing stress makes for better quality work.”At both locations, most of the the cast and crew were all in a fairly close area and had a great deal of interaction with each other. Between takes, they were able to have a lot of fun and get well acquainted with each other. This made for a very low stress, easy going and fun environment to make the movie. I believe that having fun and reducing stress makes for better quality work.

Hana movie still
What are your thoughts on the deadCENTER Film Festival?
Dead Center is young by film festival standards but is growing in stature at an amazing pace. It is attracting top level feature films now and the local support has helped put the festival on the radar throughout the film industry. The artists, whether actors, directors, or support artisans, know their work will be seen and evaluated by the movers in the movie industry. It also serves to reinforce the revitalization of Oklahoma City. It goes hand in hand with the other entertainment arts in OKC and the growing film industry in Oklahoma. Historic film row has come alive again and Dead Center Accounts for a great deal of that enthusiasm.

When and where can people see your movie?
The film will be screened in the “Okie Shorts” portion of the film festival on Friday, June 13 at the Access Midstream Theater at Harkins and Sunday, June 15 at Love’s Theater at Harkins (located at 150 East Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104).

Anything else you wish to add?
Starring Daniel Ross Owens (Cinemax’s “Banshee,” “The Hottest State,”) and Danielle Vega (People’s Choice nominated “East Los High,” “Teeth and Blood,”), the film is a multigenerational tale about the triumphs of love and the pain of loss. The film also co-stars Gordon Fox, Kate Le, and Bill Brewer, with a script written by Don Riemer.

“Hana” was produced in association with Freestyle Productions and Vahid Farzaneh (“The Posthuman Project,” “No One Knows”) as well as Sha’ree Green & Wendy Parker (“Death Factory,” “The Long Drive Home”) of WeerN Productions.

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