Fan of Sherlock or fan of Sherlock? In this Creator Conversation, RDJ and Benedict Cumberbatch face off in a duel of the minds in this comedy short by Take One Productions. The video was written and Directed by Cory Phillips and that’s who’s here this week for the interview.

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and Take One.
Well I am Cory, director and founder of Take One Production in 2007. It started out as a group of friends starting a improv troupe. It turned into a lot more over the years. We are now a creative group and production company that anyone with skills and a desire to do film can come to and work for, gain experience, and put your talents to use. Our mission statement is to provide opportunity to starting out creative individuals and artists to make their visions come to life. Take One is a community and family. I make your visions come true and you do the same for me.

Sherlock vs Sherlock
What is Sherlock vs. Sherlock about?
Sherlock vs Sherlock is a hypothetical comedy short about what if Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock Holmes and the Benedict Cumberbatch version showed up to the same crime scene. Due to the character Sherlocks ego naturally in turns into a battle of the minds for Inspector Lastrades attention.

How long did the movie take to make from start to finish?
Collectively maybe two or three days. It was worked on on top of other projects.

What was the hardest past in making this video?
The color grading. I wanted it to feel like the BBC Sherlock with that sleek cool blue hue. The light we used on set made it impossible but I am happy with that way it turned out.

What was the script writing process and why did you pick those two incarnations of Sherlock?
Well the writing process is hard to explain as I was the sole writer of this script. I chose those two incarnations cause they are recent and the two I am most familiar with. They are also the most popular at this time. It usually starts with a simple concept of “what if” and it’s fleshed out from there.

Where was the short filmed?
A team member’s house. It was amazing of him to let us it and it fit the BBC universe.

Anything else you want people to know?
We are always looking for new talent both behind and in front of the camera. If you wanna get some experience or need a team to make your film happen. Look us up at

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