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 Hurts Donuts - photo by Dennis Spielman
Hurts Donut Company on UrbanspoonIf you’re hurting from plain and boring donuts, Hurts Donut Company in Norman’s Campus Corner can bring breakfast to life. Unlike the air and sugar style of a donut place that I will not name, Hurts makes theirs hearty and filling. This heartiness in the yeast and cake donuts helps balance out the sweetness of the top although they are still sinfully sweet and maybe too sweet for some. Can’t decide between having cereal or donuts? They have cereal donuts with several types cereals for toppings.

Hurts Donut Company is open 24/7, or as they advertise, 25 hours a day and 8 days a week. Any time a craving hits, perhaps from a late night test cramming session, they will be open for “donut emergencies” of maple bacon long johns, peanut butterflies, or a s’mores donut. Along with the donuts, there are drinks such as coffee, espresso, juice, and milk.

A group enjoying donuts - photo by Dennis Spielman
With the higher quality and uniqueness comes a higher price tag. For a dozen donuts the price is $15 and some donuts are excluded. Hurts does offer a discount if you let them pick, which is perfect for getting random selection to share with coworkers. If sharing with a group for the first time, I would recommend having a knife and letting everyone cut pieces from the donuts they want to sample.

In conclusion, here’s a picture of their delicious Maple Bacon Donut…
2014-08-21 Hurts Donuts-14
…all sold out. Try them for yourself.

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