Twist Gourmet Pretzels
Twist Gourmet Pretzels on UrbanspoonThe mobile bakery, Twist Gourmet Pretzels, serves up warm, soft handcrafted pretzels in a variety of flavors ranging from the classic salted to the sweet Kirby with a flavor of cinnamon and sugar with cheesecake-stuffing. In addition to their pretzels, Twist has soups, an assortment of dipping sauces, and sometimes dog treats. In this Know Your Food Truck Q&A, I speak with the owner Lance King.

What got you started to run a pretzel food truck?
My wife Becky and I wanted to combine our talents to start a business of our own. She’s the baker, I’m the designer. I asked her if she would make pretzels for my birthday a couple years ago. Her first pretzels were so good, I knew they’d be a hit if we started selling them.

What can people regularly expect from Twist?
Expect the unexpected from us. We’re always changing up the menu and looking for ways to get creative. We like to take classic, timeless things – in this case, traditional Bavarian pretzels – and put our own unique twist on them. We’d get bored if we always did the same exact normal thing every day, so for us, having the freedom to invent and experiment is very important.

"Chuck" from Twist Gourmet Pretzels
What is your most popular flavor?
Most first-time customers stick with our tried and true Classic Salted Pretzel, but the Kirby (our Cheesecake Pretzel) gets the most positive feedback. It’s filled with sweetened cream cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
Our site is, which has info, photos, and links to other social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram, where we regularly update our schedule each week. Our site is also where people can write to us if they want to request our truck for events.

Anything else you want people to know?
Running a food truck takes a lot of demanding work, so we’re very thankful to our followers and fellow food truckers for being so supportive and helpful. It’s the positive experiences we share with them that make it all so rewarding and gratifying.

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