For this gift guide ideas post, I paid a visit to STASH. STASH at 412 E Main St in Norman has a mix of tees, candles, baby items, handmade jewelry, accessories, and the most amazing gifts and cards you’ll find anywhere. Shop owner, Rebecca Bean, was wonderful enough to work with me to showcase these 10 themes of gifts, with five geared to men and five to women.

1. Be Prepared

Richer Poorer Carry On Kit at STASH
This Carry On kit from Richer Poorer contains all the items for guys on the go, including soap, razor, shave cream, face balm, and socks.

2. Warm that Head

A hat from Krochet Kids at STASH
Change a life with warm crocheted hat from Krochet Kids. Krochet Kids intl. is a non-profit social capitalism brand that empowers people by creating, selling apparel knit and crochet hats for babies, men, and women.

3. Smell Woodsy

Juniper Ridge items found at STASH
Juniper Ridge’s is wild fragrance company. On their site, they described themselves as “hikers and backpackers, not fashion or luxury-industry types.” They distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the backcountry.

4. Have a Drink

Witty flasks at STASH
STASH has a variety of flasks with clever mottos on them. Neat!

5. Stay Organized

Simpleton Goods found at STASH
Simpleton Goods‘ leather goods made in Oklahoma and stitched by hand.

1. Make ALL THE THINGS Smell Great

Candles and Fragrances at STASH
SLASH has a wide selection of candles and fragrances. Pictured above are some of Rebecca’s favorites.

2. Love the Sun

Heart shaped sunglasses at STASH
Sunglasses are needed year-round. Get these cute sunglasses at STASH. They come in a variety of tint colors and shapes. 😎

3. Accessorize

Jewelry at STASH
Turquoise is totally in.

4. Keep Warm Too!

A hat and shoes from STASH
Kindness is not a trend. Krochet Kids has hats for women too.

5. Add Some Oklahoma

Coffee, mug, and Oklahoma cutting board at STASH
Bison Brew Coffee is local roaster coffee in Norman, Oklahoma. STASH carries several flavors of Bison Brew (and right now they’re the only store to find them). Enjoy the coffee in an Oklahoma cup. Oh, look! There’s a cutting board shaped like Oklahoma! Might as well get it too with the coffee.

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