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On September 9, 2003, the voters of Tulsa County approved Vision 2025: Foresight 4 Greater Tulsa. This package involved a one-penny, 13-year Tulsa County Sales Tax increase for regional economic developments and capital improvements. Whether you agree with the passage of Vision 2025 or not, one thing that is certain is that the benefits that have come from its passage have been phenomenal. In the past several years, Tulsa County has seen an explosion of development in many different facets.

Some of the most significant developments that have come from Vision 2025 include the construction of the BOK Center and the renovation and expansion of the Cox Business Center (previously known as the Tulsa Regional Convention Center). One of the most noteworthy projects related to the Cox Business Center included the creation of 30,000 square foot ballroom and renovating the entry points at the north and south of the building.

The Cox Business Center continues to be successful in attracting some amazing events to Downtown Tulsa. One of these events that occurred from November 7 – 9, 2014 was Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con.

Thousands of people converged upon the Cox Business Center to take part of this amazing experience, meet their favorite celebrities, meet their favorite local and national comic book writers and artists, take part in many amazing panels, dress up as their favorite television, cartoon, comic book and anime characters, purchase items from over 50 vendors, and have a sensational time with others con-goers that are just like them. Weekend passes quickly sold out months before the big weekend and Saturday passes quickly sold out hours before the convention started. As far as some of the big names that appeared over the weekend, here is a brief listening of some of the major headliners:

  • William Shatner (James T. Kirk from the Star Trek franchise)
  • Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead franchise)
  • Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers franchise)
  • Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter film franchise)
  • Lou Ferrigno (Hulk from The Incredible Hulk television series)
  • Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore from the Ghostbusters film franchise)
  • Corey Feldman (Edgar Frog from The Lost Boys film franchise)
  • Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise)
  • Dean Cain (Superman/Clark Kent from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman)

    Equinox at Comic Con
    As a first year convention, there were some minor complications here and there and food and beverages were incredibly expensive (however, the prices for the vendor refreshments were set by SMG, the venue management group that operates the Cox Business Center). However, Wizard World, Inc. did a fantastic job organizing the event.

    My Twenty Favorite Cosplays

    Over the years, I have attended many conventions and met some amazing people that I call my friends. One of the most satisfying things I enjoy about attending conventions are watching people dressing up in some sensational costume plays (cosplays), a practice of participants dressing up as characters from various spectrums (such as Japanese manga, Japanese anime, television shows, movies, and even pop culture references).

    Since there were so many amazing cosplays that people did during the weekend, I had a difficult time narrowing this list to my five favorite ones. I even found it incredibly difficult to list my ten favorite cosplays. After all, I saw so many cosplays that had so much time and energy put into them to make their visuals very impressive, and I saw so many cute children dressed up that would make any parent swoon with admiration. Therefore, in no particular order, I thought I would expand this list to include my twenty favorite cosplays from that magnificent weekend.

    Due to the success of Tulsa Comic Con, Wizard World, Inc. already announced that they will be back for Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con 2015 with dates set for October 23 – 25, 2015.

    However, I pose this question to you, the reader.

    Will you be there next year to partake in the excitement?

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