2014-11-22 The Wedge at Deep Deuce-03
The Wedge Pizzeria in Deep Deuce on UrbanspoonFor the first stop of a pilot run of the Foodie Foot Tour, we met at the pizzeria, The Wedge, in the Deep Deuce District. I’m pointing out the location because The Wedge has a another location along Western Avenue and there are some differences. First, the Deep Deuce Wedge has beers on tab while the Western location only has cans and bottles. The Western location also serves breakfast during weekday mornings, while the other doesn’t have breakfast. Their pizzas, pastas, and salads are the same.

While at The Wedge, I sampled three of their delicious wood-fired pizzas. They make their own dough, fresh from scratch everyday. They use local ingredients as much as possible–even growing some of their own herbs.

The Italian Stallion pizza at The Wedge at Deep Deuce-04
The Italian Stallion: port wine and sundried tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted fennel, and Italian sausage.

Truffle-Shuffle pizza at The Wedge at Deep Deuce-01
Truffle-Shuffle: truffle oil, sage, crimini mushrooms, spinach, roasted chicken, parmesan, and mozzarella.

The Perfect Margherita pizza at The Wedge at Deep Deuce-02
The Perfect Margherita: tomato, basil, roasted garlic, and mozzarella. Don’t worry. You can stay eat and drive after eating this pizza.

Inside The Wedge at Deep Deuce-05
The Wedge is a bit of a hole-in-wall place as it’s not location near any main streets. The interior plays on this with the rustic, brick walls. They have a fun, artistic bike rack for those that want to bike there.

The Wedge in the Deep Deuce District is worth finding for a good slice of pizza.

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