Owner of both JJ’s Alley Bricktown Pub and JJ’s Saloon, Jeff Rodgers, talks about his NBA Thunder tribute music video, Thunder Up (Get Down), in this Creator Conversation.

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your music.
I actually hadn’t picked up an electric guitar in many years before I recorded this song.I am the main owner of both JJ’s Alley Bricktown Pub and JJ’s Saloon (both great live music venues). When I play live shows, its usually acoustic versions of older country and classic rock, with some other random stuff thrown in once in a while. I actually hadn’t picked up an electric guitar in many years before I recorded this song.

Jeff Rodgers in Thunder Up music video
Why make a song and music video about the OKC Thunder?
Co-writer of the song, Jesse Cahn, came to me with an idea for a Thunder song which I played around with, changed, added some verses. Jesse hosts the Sunday Night Open Mic night at JJ’s Alley. Part of the song (the Boom shakalaka bridge) was taken from a song written by another friend of mine, Shea Weaver, who used to play regularly at JJ’s Alley before he moved away.

So, both Jesse and Shea are credited as co-writers of the song. We are all Thunder Fans and have all noticed that the Thunder doesn’t have its own theme song — our ultimate goal is to have the team adopt this song which was written, recorded, produced and filmed in Oklahoma by Oklahomans.

How long did the music video take to make from start to finish?
Two days in the recording studio for the song — 3 more days to shoot the video.

Thunder Up music video
Where did you film Thunder Up (Get Down)?
The music scenes were filmed at JJ’s Saloon (2525 NW 10th, OKC); the basketball / juggling scened was filmed at Oklahoma City University; various other scenes were shot on the streets of downtown OKC.

Did you make your famous pizza for the craft service table?
Craft Service Table? I’m still making pizza!

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