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Adam and Kizzie - Promo Photo 1Adam & Kizzie is a tribute to everything that is genuinely great about music. Consequently, to claim their albums ‘The Book of EEDO: Vols. 1 & 2” are either R&B, soul, jazz, or hip hop forms of musical art would be grossly limiting. But all who have heard their music agree, the art is excellent.

The Oklahoman couple has been featured on a number of programs including a recent episode on Food Network’s Season 8 of Restaurant Impossible titled, “Face The Music”, Season 4 of the Chevy Music Showcase documentary series, and KSBI 52’s “Oklahoma Live”. The duo can also be heard on musical projects including Ohmega Watts’s new album ‘Pieces of a Dream’, J.Lee The Producer’s album ‘Inspire Me, and the “Support Local Heroes: Vol. 1” benefit album produced to aid victims affected in the 2013 Oklahoma tornado disaster. Their first and instant hit single, ‘Can I Get a Light’ is played daily over the air waves worldwide. Their hit song, ‘Train’ was recently the #1 requested song on Oklahoma airwaves. Now joined with Ropeadope Records, the couple has set out on tour to promote their newly released album in the EEDO series, ‘The Book Of Eedo Vol 2“.

In this Creator Conversation interview, Adman and Kizzie talk about their newest album and music video.

Adam and Kizzie - Promo Photo 2
For those that don’t know about Adam & Kizzie, tell everyone about yourselves and your music.
We are married-three years this month. Our musical journey together started as soon as we were married. We shipped off to India after the wedding to perform at a five-star hotel there for six months. During that time, since we only worked at night, we had a lot of free time during the day and we wrote a TON of music. So, that when we returned home in mid-2012 we had about 2-3 albums worth of music and we hit the ground running performing around town. We released our first album, “The Book of Eedo Vol. 1” in April 2013 and just recently, after being signed to the best label in the industry-Ropeadope Records, we released our second album in the series, “The Book Of Eedo Vol 2”. We’ve begun touring around the country to promote the album and it’s been amazing so far!

We met back in high school and became instant best-friends. Practically inseparable. Unfortunately, our paths split shortly after the friendship brewed as we finished up our last years in high school and transitioned into adulthood. We pursued our love and passions for music in school and later in performance. Kizzie traveled the world for Disney while Adam traveled the world performing in a Jazz band. Then in 2011, hard times knocked us both down.

A series of unfortunate events found us both back in Oklahoma battling depression, physical and health issues. And amazingly our paths crossed during this time and in an effort to comfort and lift one another’s spirits our friendship was reborn. It was almost like old times. We became extremely close just like when we were kids. But then, very unexpectedly, we fell in love. It was an incredibly confusing, encouraging, and blessed time. Both of us had abandoned music due to our separate tragedies, but music soon returned almost of its own will and served as a healing tool. We were married by the end of the year and well, you know the rest…

What inspired the album, The Book Of Eedo Vol. 2?
As we said before, we wrote the majority of our music back in India, though some of it was written during the time that we had rekindled the friendship and subsequently began to fall for one another. The music in this series very much chronicles the time in our lives shortly before and after we reconnected. “Shoulda Listened” was a song I wrote in 2011 in honor of my mother’s wisdom. Inspired by a huge mistake I made years ago by delving into an unhealthy relationship that she’d warned me against. While “Be Kind My Dear” is a song Adam wrote shortly after we realized we had feelings for one another but had yet to really realize what we were feeling. It was basically that friends vs. romance limbo you find yourself in when your hearts and minds are not yet in sync. 🙂 Tumultuous Time tells the story of Adam’s life prior to our reconnection and ends with lamentations of my past. So all in all, the Book of EEDO tells the story of us. But, it also tells a story that we know others can somehow relate to. And that’s what it’s all about. Connecting our hearts with one another and honoring the incredible gift God has given us in the language of music.

What was the greatest challenge in making the album?
[pullquote-right]”Quite possibly the hardest part about everything we do is that we do it ourselves. We’re our own bosses and employees. So, we arrange the schedules, book the musicians and engineers, we arrange the charts and teach the vocalists their parts.”[/pullquote-right]Quite possibly the hardest part about everything we do is that we do it ourselves. We’re our own bosses and employees. So, we arrange the schedules, book the musicians and engineers, we arrange the charts and teach the vocalists their parts. But musically, Tumultuous Time certainly proved to be the hardest song on the album. The song is about a very tumultuous time and so Adam created a music that reflected that with the rhythmic hemiola and time changes. It was a tumultuous process, but then that was the point. 🙂

What was the most emotionally difficult part of the music video, With You Forever, for you?
The very idea of loss is one the most difficult parts of life. We’ve ALL experienced it one way or another. And so, even though I had not personally experienced the scenarios painted in the video, it was very easy to feel and empathize with the heartbreak in these stories. I don’t know that we had any significant emotionally difficult times filming the video. Maybe because the whole point was to uplift and inspire in lieu our unanimous hurts. But, loss is still loss and it’s a hard pill to swallow, even in make-believe.

What messages do you want viewers to take away with them after watching With You Forever?
[pullquote-right]”I wanted to remind us all that loss never kills love and therefore hope remains.”[/pullquote-right]The fear of loss and the pain of it drives us-in ways we don’t even consciously consider. In our efforts to avoid it, we find ourselves sometimes losing hope, faith, and even sometimes losing ourselves because of loss. It’s such a hurtful reality that no one can escape. But, in spite of that, I wanted to remind us all that loss never kills love and therefore hope remains.

Where was the music video filmed?
We filmed mainly in North Oklahoma City. At a friend’s house, a family house, a friend’s car, etc. It was a labor of love. And the people who lent us their spaces were dear to us and believed in the vision.

Book of Eedo vol 2 coverWhat have been some of your favorite places/events to perform in Oklahoma?
Hands down-Urban Roots!! Owned by Chaya Fletcher. We basically started this whole thing at Urban Roots. We call it our home away from home. And we continue to play there, at least, once a month.

It’s kinda hard to say, we’ve performed so much, we fear we’re definitely forgetting something. We’ll just keep it simple and choose from the most recent performances. The Funky Knuckles, our label mates, came to town again last month and put on a KILLER show and we had the honor of opening for them again! Also, at Urban Roots.

We also had the pleasure of hosting two bands at the Twisted Root Gallery: KNOWER and Hildegard. Two incredible bands with some wonderfully humble and gracious members. The Twisted Root Gallery is an awesome venue. We need more places like it!

We also do library tours occasionally through Arts Council and recently did a ‘Roots of African American music’ show that was really great. We love our library system and all of the programs they provide for the community. It’s always an awesome experience to be a part of it.

Anything else you want people to know?
We just released our newest music video featuring ‘Train’, hit song from our first album. Check it out at:

You can keep up with where we’ll be and our latest music and news at our website:
We’re on just about all the social sites. Look us up, follow, like, share:
IG/Tumblr/Twitter: @adamandkizzie


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