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Brian Nhira, born and raised in the Midwest, with soaring vocals and unique range began singing when he was just four years old. He often recalls his first musical experience as his parents lovingly “pushing” him onto a stage at a small church in Oklahoma and telling him to sing “Jesus Loves Me!” Shy with a bit of stage fright he faced his fears that day and hasn’t looked back. It is such experiences and performances at over 500 events in 14 states and 4 countries that are molding Nhira into the musician so many people have come to admire.

In this Creator Conversation interview, Brian Nhira talks about his inspiring album, Hope’s Stand.

For those that don’t know you, Brian, talk a bit about yourself and your music.
Well, my name is Brian Nhira. I am a singer/songwriter born and raised in Tulsa, OK. Jenks High School and Oral Roberts University grad. When I was 2 my parents started traveling and preaching at different churches in Oklahoma, at age four they “lovingly” threw me up on a stage and told me to sing “Jesus Loves Me” at a very small church in Sand Springs, OK. I haven’t looked back since! When I got to High School I began to get really serious about music and it became evident through the guidance of some incredible individuals that this was what I was born to do. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to sing at over 500 events across the US and take 10 trips overseas. It has been an amazing journey thus far!

I began writing music as a sophomore in high school and started recording after my freshman year of college. My goal as a singer and songwriter has always been to make music that gives people hope and inspires them to believe for greater and dream bigger. I want my music to meet people where they are and be the instrument that they draw upon during the toughest season and times of life and also the happiest seasons and times of life.

What inspired the album, Hope’s Stand, and the title?
“This album is Hope’s triumphant return back into our lives as a driving force and something that we live with and rely upon on a daily basis.”There is so much hopelessness in the world today. If you just turn on the news for 30 minutes, you’ll end up feeling as if our world is completely void of any true hope for the future. This album is Hope’s triumphant return back into our lives as a driving force and something that we live with and rely upon on a daily basis. The album was inspired by experiences that I was having in life and experiences that I was seeing other people go through.

For example, one of the tracks on the album is called “Back Where You Belong”. This song was birthed out of a series of experiences that I had at Walmart (lol), every time that I went for like 3 weeks all that I saw was a bunch of mothers who had their children with them, but were struggling to keep them together while shopping. The thought kept coming to my mind “where are the fathers?” and out of that “Back Where You Belong” was written for all those who have not had fathers in their lives.

What was the greatest challenge in making the album?
There is so many unseen aspects that go into the making of an album and as an independent artist, my business director and I are in charge of making sure that all of the bases that need to be covered are covered. So, I would say that the biggest challenge would be staying consistent and diligent through the whole album preparation and campaign process. It gets tiring at moment and there’s moment when I just want to go sleep, but when I think about the lives that are gonna be touched through the music I get an extra burst of strength.

Use only seven words to describe the album. Go!
Phew..this ones a challenge.. here it goes:


What have been some of your favorite places/events to perform or experience music in Oklahoma?
Man, my parents are traveling ministers here in Oklahoma so at age two I began traveling around and across Oklahoma with them. I have had the opportunity to see so many different aspects and venues here in this great state. My favorite event and experience recently was during the Christmas season, I was one of the featured artists at the Joy to the World Christmas Concert at the Mabee Center.

But I think that will change after my album release concert at the Mabee Center Studio 1 in Tulsa on Friday February 27th. I’m looking forward to it!

What’s the key message you want people to take away with the album?
“Often times the richest among us can be the poorest within and the poorest among us can be the richest within, but what unites us is that we are ALL in need of hope.”

Anything else you want people to know?
The album will be released on briannhira.com, iTunes, and everywhere else online February 25, 2015.

The Hope’s Stand Album Release concert will be held at the Mabee Center Studio 1 in Tulsa, OK on February 27. Doors open at 6pm, concert starts at 7pm.

Lastly, we filmed a documentary give an all access look into the process of recording the album:

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