The Posthuman Project
Prepare to graduate from the human race with this Creator Conversation interview with director Kyle Roberts of the epic indie superhero movie, The Posthuman Project.

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your role in The Posthuman Project.
I’m a full time husband and daddy. On top of that I constantly have to keep creating things… manly videos. Got my start in playing with toys on youtube creating stop motions which led to being asked to be on Syfy’s Viral Video Showdown and directing my first feature length film. With any first time filmmaker I was much more than just the director. I was the lead fundraiser, a producer, editor, visual effects supervisor, coffee runner whatever we needed.

What is The Posthuman Project about?
The Posthuman Project is about 5 teenagers who are close to graduation. In their own way, they are all freaking out about their life and what they are going to do after graduation. An event occurs on a rock climbing trip giving them superpowers beyond what they could have ever imagined.

What was the greatest challenge you overcame in this production?
“Creating a legit superhero film on a micro budget was the challenge!”It’s a cop out answer… but creating a legit superhero film on a micro budget was the challenge! We didn’t have a massive crew, but we had a lot of “heart dollars.” I’m so proud of everyone involved on this project, they all gave it everything they had and then some.

The Posthuman Project - movie still
Where in Oklahoma was it filmed?
Every scene was shot in Oklahoma. From southwest at Quartz Mountain, to central at Yukon High School, Downtown OKC, Lake Thunderbird, Rocktown Climbing Gym, and a Ideal Home in Edmond.

Why should one see it?
Because it’s awesome? LOL just kidding. From an outsiders perspective I think it’s just interesting to see what we were able to accomplish for the snack budget of Avengers. Something like this really hasn’t been attempted before… the film is NO way near perfect, but when talking about innovation you have to be ok with all of the imperfections as well because hopefully it’s so far out there on a limb from what others have done on a similar budget that you’re creating a new level a new bar to achieve.

Let’s talk about the movie’s music. What was your process for selecting the music to go with the scenes?
Nathan Poppe and I spent almost two years just listening to TONS of local tracks. I’ve directed over 100 music videos at this point, so I for sure wanted the soundtrack to be a vital part in the films overall vibe.

The Posthuman Project
If you got superpowers based on your personality, what would your superpower be?
That’s a TOUGH question. I’m very much both an introvert and extrovert… Maybe teleport bouncing around from here to there, since I’m so scatterbrained.

I enjoyed the chapter transitions. How did that idea come about? What is your favorite one or the one you thought was most clever?
As far as the chapter titles my favorite by far is Chapter one when we reveal the title on a giant wall where we had Kris Kanaly graffiti the wall for several hours that day!

Care to comment on Posthuman 2 or the post-credit scene?
We’re still in early stages… but lets just say we have some pretty epic stuff planned for our Oklahoma superhero franchise in the PCU (Posthuman Cinematic Universe).

Anything else you want people to know?
Every time I think about this project, I just think about not only the level of talent we have in this state but the tenacity and sacrifice everyone has given to make this film come to life. From getting into San Diego Comic Con, racking up awards on the festival circuit, a limited city theatrical release through AMC and now worldwide distribution. In just about any scenario, we probably wouldn’t have made it as far as we have. Again I’m very proud of everyone involved!

As a special bonus, Uncovering Oklahoma is revealing one of the collector cards, drawn by local comic book hero/artist Jerry Bennett:

Kevin Burke Card

The movie will release on May 1, 2015 and is available for pre-order now.

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