Miniature Donkeys at Arbuckle Wilderness
You may die from animal cuteness overload. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Simplest way to describe Arbuckle Wilderness Park: it’s a Safari Expedition in Oklahoma.The simplest way I can describe the Arbuckle Wilderness Park in Davis is it’s a safari expedition in Oklahoma. The animals are adorable and friendly–perhaps overly friendly, especially if you have purchased the animal treats available for sale when you buy your tickets. Llamas, camels, and other park residents will eagerly stick their heads into any open windows to see you if you have anything to eat.

Camel at Arbuckle Wilderness
Drivers are responsible for their guests and vehicles and should stay in their cars as park isn’t responsible for any damages or injuries. During our experience, some animals used the side mirrors as a scratching post. When visiting, I would strongly recommend taking the drive with a truck or SUV – anything but a low-profile car. The terrain is rough. Plus…

Arbuckle Wilderness
…not every animal will move to let your car pass, like this guy above.

In all honesty, the Arbuckle Wilderness Park isn’t as nice or fancy as the Oklahoma City Zoo. In their defense, they simply don’t have the same support as the zoo. We went during their off season and so the place felt deserted, but the lack of crowds made it a more personal experience. During the regular season there’s an additional area open for walking around with more activities including GoKarts, bumper cars, and boats.

The animal information signs could use work. There were sections where we didn’t know the names of the animals that we were looking at, and I would like to see smaller signs scattered throughout the drive with short animal facts to make the drive more educational.

Z is for Zebra

The Arbuckle Wilderness Park is a unique Oklahoma attraction that animal lovers and adventure seekers will enjoy. It’s about an hour’s drive from Oklahoma City, and it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to drive through the park depending on how busy it is. If you have kids in the car, I would suggest a pit stop at the visitor’s center to use the restroom before you drive through the park. Adult admission was $16.99 and children ages 4 – 11 are $14.99. For more information, visit

All photos taken by Dennis Spielman.

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