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Sister singer-songwriters, Willow Way, bring their indie-folk/Americana songs together with their EP album, Chasing Ghosts. Answering the questions about their music (and actual ghosting hunting) for this Creator Conversation interview is Jennifer Maynord.

For those unfamiliar with Willow Way, talk a bit about yourself and your music.
“Although we have been singing together most of our lives, this is our first project we aimed to do professionally.”We are sister singer-songwriters who began our indie-folk/Americana band Willow Way in 2014. Although we have been singing together most of our lives, this is our first project we aimed to do professionally. We really love being a part of the Oklahoma music scene–it feels like we are among really supportive, creative people and spaces. Most everything we do is really family-oriented my (Jenn’s) husband plays the guitar in our band and produces/records our music. Our family and close friends are always a part of our shows and create a major support circle for us. It’s a really amazing feeling.

What inspired the album, Chasing Ghosts, and its songs?
The song “Chasing Ghosts” is about finding lost family, which so many families have gone through. It can be a roller coaster of emotions to connect with relatives you discover later in life, the song is about processing those feelings. In our case, one of our family members passed away six years before we found out about her, so getting to know her has felt a bit like chasing a ghost. In addition to that, all of our songs on the album are about relationships–whether it’s a relationship to a substance, a person, a situation, or a story. I think the songs take a listener through different relational perspectives.

Use only seven words to describe the album.
organic. acoustic. raw. warm. nostalgic. bold. authentic.

Per a play on words, have you ever been ghost hunting?
We’ve definitely taken the tour of the Cresent Hotel in Eureka Springs, which can be a little like ghost hunting! We’ve also experienced some creepy things at the Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City, where we are playing our May 30th show with Beau Jennings. That house has a lot of unexplained activity, a night tour is being offered after the show, which I think is one of the best times to experience that house!

What was the greatest challenge in making the album?
We originally started it in our friend, Crosby Bray’s studio, and then moved the project over to our home studio. We were in the process of getting our home studio set up, so I think a challenge was keeping the album progressing as we shuffled around locations. Our home studio brought a few challenges, my husband and I have a two-year-old, so we had to base a lot of our studio time around when she was able to stay with friends or family. We all have other jobs as well, so it was sometimes hard to find time to record. I think the E.P. took us almost a year to complete, but the process was worth it.

What have been some of your favorite places/events to perform or experience music in Oklahoma?
Guthrie Green, in Tulsa, has been a favorite–it’s such a beautiful area & set up. The Myriad Gardens has a similar feel in OKC, we always enjoy playing there. The Blue Note is always such an upbeat music hub, that show was really fun with Allie Lauren. And The Paramount Theater is also a great place to play, they have such an amazing staff, and the old theater has a lot of character.

Willow Way - Promo Photo
Anything else you want people to know?
“Oklahoma has such a rich music scene, there are so many talented, committed artists here.”Oklahoma has such a rich music scene, there are so many talented, committed artists here. We also have a lot of unique places where shows are being curated, homes and businesses are opening up their spaces to host artists. There are also quite a few promotion companies and music blogs popping up that aim to support and promote music–Cellar Door Music Group is ours, it offers a online music hub for artists, venues and enthusiasts to stay updated on some local shows and music updates. Cellar Door Music also curates music events in some of these unique places–such as The Overholser Mansion. If people are traveling through, or live here and want to stay updated, they can visit www.cellardoormusicgroup.com. And of course, we keep our Willow Way shows updated on www.WillowWay.net and our social media.

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