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The Cheesesteak
For Phillies are as authentic as Philadelphia itself, Holly Bigby of Phill Me Up Cheesesteaks shares what got her started in the food truck business, talks about their most popular food opinions, and what’s it like to work with family in this Food Truck Q&A session.

What got you started on Phill Me Up Cheesesteaks?
What really got us started on Phill Me Up was the desire to work with family and have a change of scenery everyday. It’s so nice having your office in a different location and getting to work with family is a blessing. And the food truck industry has taken off in Oklahoma and we are lucky to have gotten in at just the beginning.

The Phill Me Up Cheesesteaks Truck
Let’s talk about he design of the truck. What made you go with your truck?
We went with our design because we wanted something eye catching and fun, as well as easy to maneuver and manage in a tight spot. We refer to our truck as “the cheese wagon” and Ashley Smith and Tanner Frady, local artists, did a great job on the graphics!

What kind of meats do you use?
[pullquote-right]”Our Cheesesteaks come right off the grill and into the customers hands, which ensures that every sandwich is hot and juicy.”[/pullquote-right]We are in the original Philly Cheesesteak business. We get comments from customers all the time that our Phillies are as authentic as they have had since eating one in Philadelphia, PA. We pride our self in using real ribeye steak that we slice ourselves and cook to order. Our Cheesesteaks come right off the grill and into the customers hands, which ensures that every sandwich is hot and juicy.

What are your most popular options?
Our Philly is by far the most popular item we have because of their authenticity, but our street tacos have really made a name for themselves amongst customers. Our tacos are served on 6 inch corn tortilla with ribeye steak or roasted chicken, caramelized onions, shredded provolone, and a house made garlic aioli sauce.

What’s a typical day like?
A typical days always starts with a trip to the wholesale grocery store, and maybe more than one store. Our bread comes from one wholesaler while everything else is across town at another. After stocking up and checking that the truck is in running order we roll out around 10 am to our lunch location, which changes daily. Mostly we fill our weekday lunches with corporate business buildings and such and we typically serve 11 – 1:30. Then we clean up and take a short break, usually we have an evening event to get to around 5 which sometimes requires another trip to the store for supplies. The truck is small so our storage space is very limited. Evening events differ greatly from every event, and that is what keeps the food truck business so exciting. We may be headed to a concert or a benefit dinner for a charity or headed to H&8th Downtown.

A Brownie
What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
We keep our customers informed about our schedule and changing menu items through our multiple social media outlets.

Follow us at
On twitter @phillmeupokc
Or instagram @phill_me_up_cheesesteaks

Anything else you want people to know?
All of the Phill Me Up crew can honestly say we love our jobs, not only because we get to feed people delicious food in a new location everyday, but because we get to meet so many great people everyday. The customers are really why we love our job.

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