The Chicken and Okra from Eischen's Bar
Click to add a blog post for Eischen's Bar on ZomatoEischen’s Bar (109 S 2nd St, Okarche) is one of those well-renowned, small-town joints that’s been featured in numerous publications and travel shows. Renowned for it’s simple menu of fried chicken, Eischen’s Bar servers up American comfort food in Oklahoma’s oldest bar.

The menu for Eischen's Bar
After we took our seats, our waitress greeted us with, “Chicken and Okra?” After we explained that we were newbies, she showed us the menu. When I say Eischen’s has a simple menu, I mean the entire menu of eight items fitted on one side of a napkin dispenser. We asked what she would recommend for us as first time visitors.

“If you were my family, I would get you the Chicken and Okra,” she answered promptly.

So we got the Chicken and Okra.

Eischen's Fried Chicken
In no time at all our food was delivered to us (just one of the advantages of a limited menu). The chicken was hot, juicy, and delicious. Their fried chicken is served in family-sized portions only, so bring your appetite. The Whole Fried Chicken is served with bread, sweet pickles, dill pickles, and onions.

Fried Okra
The fried okra was also good, though I’m not personally a big fan of okra. There was enough to feed three to four people.

People who have eaten at Eischen’s tend to think it’s either the BEST fried chicken ever, or that it’s just good, but it was definitely tasty and filling (be aware that it’s cash only). We enjoyed both the drive and the chicken, though we encourage you to decide for yourselves.

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