Nicnōs – Center of the Universe Festival

Bluesy rock band, Nicnōs, who will be performing at the Center of the Universe Festival, speaks with me in this performer question and answer session. Answering my eight questions is Josh Cox, lead singer of Nicnōs.

1. For those unfamiliar, how would you describe yourself and your music?
Our sound is a bluesy rock with some bluegrass fiddle.

2. What song would like a person who hasn’t heard your music listen to first?
Trick question, they should get our album to get a better grasp of what we do, but “Something You Should Know” is a good place to start.

Nicnos - Provided Photo3. What’s your song writing process?
Jam until it feels right, then the words just come.

4. What are your thoughts on the Center of the Universe Festival?
We really look forward to Center of the Universe — the way they take care of the artist is unparalleled and since our fans voted for us to perform on the Oklahoma Showcase Stage, we couldn’t be more excited to play!

5. Not counting the Center of the Universe Circle, what strange oddities or places have you enjoyed that you’ve enjoyed?
Rocklahoma is always a blast and we love working with the Axis Entertainment Crew. We are also returning to the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis this August for the 75th Anniversary to play the Main Stage. It’s Sturgis…do we really need to elaborate?

6. In general, what inspires you?
Nature, family, friends, shared experiences, good music…pretty much anything.

7. Anything else you want the public to know about you?
WE LOVE PLAYING MUSIC. We are not a gimmick, we would rather play video games than party, and above all else we take this very seriously, putting 100% of ourselves into everything we do. We truly appreciate everyone who has ever supported us and we hope to see YOU at a show soon.

The 2015 Center of the Universe Festival is from July 24-25. Read more interviews from performers in the festival, present and past, here.

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  1. Jamie Bradley says:

    This band puts on a great live show. If you have not seen them go cheek them out!!

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