Ripple Green at Film Row - photo by Dennis Spielman
In this Creator Conversation, I speak with the band members of Ripple Green after having first seen perform live at Premiere on Film Row. In this interview, we talk about their name was derived from an accident, their time in England, the challenges of recording in two places.

1. Let’s start by talking a bit about yourself, your music, and how you got involved in making music for those unfamiliar with you.
The three of us decided to form a band when we were in elementary school as an escape from life on the plains in small town Oklahoma. Through the last ten years ours lives have grown and revolved around the music we have made as a unit. – Lucas Gillette

2. What inspired your EP album, Timepiece, and its songs?
“It gave us a new point of reference and appreciation for our home state which showed itself during in the writing of the EP.”The entire project started and was mostly written while we were in England. Every song has some influences from our adventures whilst traveling and touring in Europe. And, Not only were songs inspired by our new environment but we were also inspired by Oklahoma in a new way. None of us had been away from Oklahoma for more than a couple weeks so 6 months really gave us time to reflect. It gave us a new point of reference and appreciation for our home state which showed itself during in the writing of the EP. – Joel Parks

3. How did you come up with the band name, Ripple Green?
After joining the music scene here in OKC for less than a year, I was injured in an accident that broke my wrist, elbow and get a concussion. Above where the accident happened, in the basement of an old building in downtown OKC was the hand painted lettering, “RIPPLE GREEN.” Since the incident took something from the band, we decided to take something from it. We were Ripple Green ever since. – Joel Parks

4. Use only seven words to describe the album.
A depiction of our time in England. – Lucas Gillette

5. Playing on the album title, what timepieces do you wear?
Rarely, if ever do any of us wear timepieces. However, during the filming of the video for Timepiece, I wore a necklace that I bought in Camden Town, England. It had two clocks on it. One was set to England time and one was set to Oklahoma time. – Joel Parks

6. What was the greatest challenge in making the album?
The process of recording Timepiece was a quite fluent process. The biggest hurdle was to make a cohesive sound between our single recorded in England with producer Steven Wilkinson, and between the rest of the EP finished up here in Oklahoma with Graham Colton. – Tremaine Wade

Ripple Green at Film Row - photo by Dennis Spielman
7. What have been some of your favorite places/events to perform or experience music in Oklahoma?
We’ve always loved playing in our home state, from shows at small rowdy bars to festivals like NMF and COTU. One major highlight of our time in Oklahoma was getting to play this past year at the legendary Cain’s Ballroom. – Tremaine Wade

8. Anything else you want people to know?
Timepiece is available now on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, as well as physical purchase through our website:

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