The I Don't Know & I Don't Care Truck at the Norman Fall Fest
What got you started on I Don’t Know & I Don’t Care?
I’ve been in the restaurant business for years operating Granny Had One with my father for 20 years. I took a break for about six years working for the Chamber of Commerce here in Guthrie. I really missed cooking and knowing the challenges in owning a store front plus wanting to travel the food truck was a great option.

Let’s talk about he design of the truck. What made you go with your truck and how did you decide on the name?
When I had Granny Had One I would get a few of my friends together to eat out and our conversations almost always consisted of not knowing where we wanted to go and not caring where we went. So I told them if I ever expanded I was a going to name one of the restaurants “I don’t know” and the other one “I don’t care” because that is where everyone wants to go! There is a full kitchen on the trailer, I designed the inside of the truck to be able to serve customers as quickly as possible. We can serve several hundred people easily. I grew up on a farm where we grew and put up fresh vegetables and fruit. The outside design tells a story about my families farm raising chickens, milk goats, our orchard and garden.

Sandwich from I Don't Know & I Don't Care
What are your most popular options?
Beef & Blue: flank steak, roasted cherry tomatoes, blue cheese on a ciabatta with a pesto aioli.

Banh-Mi: marinated pork, pickled cucumber & carrots, fresh cilantro & basil on French bread with a lemon aioli.
Loaded chips: hand cut potatoes with our signature cheese blend, topped with bacon, scallions and quest fresco.

Bread pudding: drizzled in our vanilla sauce topped with homemade whip

What can people regularly expect from you?
A smile and great food!

What’s a typical day like?
Normally I am up early, depending if I have a job, the power point and iPad are the first thing that is done. Then it’s off to the trailer to start making bread and prepping for the day. When the help arrives we head out to our destination, some days we have multiple stops keeping the propane and gas tanks full. Days off are spent planning menus, shopping, catching up on emails and returning calls.

What are some of your usual spots and where can people go to learn more about your truck and where you’ll be located?
I’ve got a great website: there is an interactive calendar, where we can be booked online on top of telling you where we will be for the day, week, month, and year. We are also on the truckitokc app for mobile phone users, we post our menus and whereabouts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have a sample menu on our website, please keep in mind it’s what we first started serving and have a much broader selection now. Normally we have five to six items daily, offering beef, pork, chicken and a vegetarian option along with dessert each time we are out and about.

Anything else you want people to know?
“Our goal and motivation is making people happy one bite at a time!”Our goal and motivation is making people happy one bite at a time! We can do any type of event, from weddings to private block parties just give us a call!

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  1. Veronica Rockey says:

    Mary’s food is amazing!!! She did my wedding and has catered several small events for us. We would never use anyone but Mary & I Don’t Know & I Don’t Care! Craig & Veronica Rockey

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